Spark The Electric Jester 2 is out now and really quick certainly

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Spark The Electric Jester 2 is definitely a Sonic The Hedgehog fan-game with the branding filed off, particularly within the vein of the 3D Sonic Adventure collection. Imagine these poorly-aged (however much-loved) Dreamcast classics with higher controls, fewer (however not zero) cutscenes, and the place each stage was about going super-fast, aside from boss fights which play a bit like Metal Gear Rising Lite. It’s the work of solo dev Feperd Games, and out in the present day. While it undoubtedly has some tough edges, I’ve had a enjoyable few hours speeding by means of its primary story on regular mode. Below, some ideas.

Unlike the easily blended 2D unique (see Amr Al-Aaser thoughts on it here), Spark 2 feels prefer it has a little bit of an identification disaster, together with its angsty robotic protagonist, however remains to be time. Much of the game – round 2-Three hours for a single run by means of its ranges with minimal downtime – is spent dashing ahead, hopping between platforms. The ranges themselves are properly designed and enormous, with complicated constructions like the large vertical tower above, however I used to be seldom unclear on the place to go for greater than a second or two. Deaths from missed jumps have been surprisingly few and much between, too.

The game’s different half is its fight, which is (bosses apart) largely elective, easy and button-mashy. Smaller enemies can simply be bounced off with a homing sprint assault, ala Sonic, however bigger baddies with well being bars have to be bashed a bit. Or you’ll be able to simply ignore them and run straight previous. On a primary playthrough, there’s not a lot purpose to hold round and struggle, however there are each pace and rating medals to be earned for every stage, the latter of which does encourage buying and selling blows. It’s a curious combine. Still, its parry system is used throughout platforming too, permitting you to dam lasers, fireplace and even spike injury.

Odd fight rhythm apart, my greatest complaints with the game, from greatest to smallest, could be the slender high-speed roads the game depends on within the later phases. They’re fairly straightforward to fall off, and except you’ll be able to land on a loop on the autumn down, you’ll be able to’t actually proper your self past reverting to a checkpoint. Second, the boss battles are nearly totally parry-focused. Listen and search for the assault cue, faucet block for those who’ve bought the timing down, maintain it for those who don’t, then mash assault. Lastly, the story – whereas dedicated to its bonkers, Shadow The Hedgehog-ish route set by the primary game – ends on a cliffhanger.

I really feel this one’s going to divide opinions, as a result of 3D Sonic games – not to mention their derivatives – are videogame marmite to start with. Still, I’m happy, however really feel like I’ve solely scratched the floor after only one run. While not a lot is unlocked after finishing the game, there’s a ton of little secret areas to seek out with idea artwork in them, plus I solely earned a pair rating medals the entire method by means of. I’m curious to see how lengthy it holds up underneath additional scrutiny. I’m undecided I’d give it a straight advice proper now, but it surely’s a a really attention-grabbing game, and has my consideration.

Spark The Electric Jester 2 is out now on Steam for £15.49/€16.79/$20.