Skater XL has an achievement that takes over 100 days to unlock

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Skater XL has an achievement that may solely be unlocked after travelling over 40,000 in-game kilometres, which might take you roughly 2,700 hours of doing digital ollies.

Trophy hunters will not be joyful. If you’ve managed to nab each different achievement in Skater XL, and have gotten more and more infuriated by the dastardly “Travel over 40.075 km in total” one, I’m afraid I’m about to damage your day.

Apparently the dot has managed to wander three decimal locations to the correct, which is a bit inconvenient for individuals who don’t wish to skateboard the precise circumference of the earth. It’s both that or the gap tracker is damaged – both method, it was speculated to be a manageable joke, however has as a substitute grow to be a near-impossible feat.

Skater XL

True Achievements reported that one significantly avid digital skateboarder has taken to wrapping an elastic band round their controller to maintain the X button pressed down. That method they’ll maintain happening a ramp as a substitute of getting to manually management their skateboarder – nevertheless, though this technique is faster, it nonetheless takes 46 days to unlock.

Base PS4 homeowners like myself must get used to the sound of a jet engine cooling fan, it appears. People have confirmed that the gap tracker goes up by 1% each 12-15 hours utilizing this technique, so it undoubtedly works. It’s nonetheless a bit absurd although. I really feel unhealthy for the skate boarders, who have to be getting very drained.

We’ve reached out to Easy Day Studios for clarification on the achievement however haven’t heard again but. We’ll replace this submit once they get again to us. Hopefully it’s mounted quickly, so individuals can simply do a couple of laps across the block as a substitute of getting to circumnavigate the literal globe.

If you’re inquisitive about Skater XL, take a look at our review. If you reckon you like different skateboarding games, excellent news: Skate 4 is in early development.



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