Sims 4’s newest game pack is full of Final Fantasy 14 recommendations

Do you recognize la-hee?

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit rating: Square Enix)

Several product summaries in the most up to date game pack for The Sims 4 attribute some extremely specific recommendations to Final Fantasy 14.

The brand-new Werewolves game pack, which simply introduced today, consists of things like the Racked Teak- a Greatshelves – a clear referral to the Rak’tika Greatwood area presented in Final Fantasy 14:Shadowbringers The summary points out “Warriors of Write” and also “glamours,” and also consists of concerning 50% of thelyrics from the Shadowbringers theme (opens in new tab) (If you play FF14, the “RIDING HOOOOOOME” line is currently embeded your head once more.)

Fans on Reddit (opens in new tab) promptly discovered the referral, and also as PCGamesN (opens in new tab) notes, the dev in charge of those summaries took credit rating and also gave some understanding onTwitter As SimGuruNova discusses, “I wrote this pretty soon after finishing Shadowbringers, can you blame me? FFXIV has forever taken over my brain.”

SimGuruNova additionally indicates the Seventh Confectioner’s Calamity Firewood Rack as a “more subtle” referral – yet truly, I’m uncertain if the Seventh Umbral Calamity callback goes to all suppressed.

Maybe the most effective component of all this is seeing the authorities Sims account tweet (opens in new tab) out “LA – HEE!” of the best music efficiency in video clip game background.

Final Fantasy 14 gamers have actually currently been having an amazing couple of weeks, with the announcement of the patch 6.2 Live Letter and also a littletoo much time in horny jail after playing dress-up with Ameliance Now they do not also require to be logging right into the MMO to obtain their FF14 repair.

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