Sega’s teasing one of the most unanticipated Dreamcast resurgence

A screenshot of Cosmic Smash, featuring an abstract human shaped being in a long room with a paddle in hand ready to strike a ball toward a series of blocks

Image: Sega

In the year 2001, Sega launched an uncommon game called Cosmic Smash that combined the sport of racquetball with the brick-breaking gameplay of games like Breakout as well asArkanoid Cosmic Smash was launched in galleries, on Sega’s Naomi system, as well as on Dreamcast, however just inJapan Now, it shows up the third-person cyberpunk sporting activities game, which came to the tail end of the Dreamcast’s life, is returning.

On Monday, Sega’s social media accounts began teasing “cmashvrs” with the expression “Eye c sth forming”– probably analysis “I see something forming.” The intro brings about an official website, with little in the means of information, with the exemption of a countdown timer as well as a usable Breakout– design minigame. That gameplay, as well as the grey, black, as well as orange color design certain appears to indicate a Cosmic Smash resurgence that will relatively be introduced in mid-February (the countdown timer will certainly uprightFeb 13).

Also appealing is just how promptlymusician Ken Ishii retweeted Sega’s teaser The Japanese DJ has actually shown up on the soundtrack for Sega’s Rez as well as Q Entertainment’s Lumines 2, as well as the songs that uses the Cosmic Smash intro web site appears comparable to Ishii’s design.

What’s uncertain is whether the “vrs” in “cmashvrs” means versus, VIRTUAL REALITY, or both. (Or another thing.) Cosmic Smash was a single-player game, however might be remodelled to be affordable. And with Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 launching in February, simply a week approximately after Sega’s anticipated introduced of a brand-new Cosmic Smash, the timing for an online truth tackle the Dreamcast cult traditional seem like a best coincidence.

We’ll understand a lot more quickly.


Source: Polygon


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