SEGA Astro City Mini: the retro arcade machine confirmed in France, all the details

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SEGA Astro City Mini: the retro arcade machine confirmed in France, all the details

Available in Japan since December 2020, SEGA’s Astro City Mini will finally arrive in the West. No big surprise in the sense that the fashion for retrogaming and mini consoles is operating at full speed, which prompted the Japanese publisher to market this miniaturized version of the legendary arcade machine released in 1993. In France, it is This machine will be released on May 28, 2021, knowing that it is Just For Games which succeeded in obtaining the distribution agreement from SEGA, which bags the price of 159.99 €. At that price, there is a listing of 37 pre-installed games such as Virtua Fighter, Altered Beast, Golden Ax, Alien Sydrome, Shinobi or even Wonder Boy.


Remember that the Astro City Mini is a faithful 1: 6 reproduction of the machine at the time, that it will have an HDMI output to display games in 720p on modern televisions and that accessories such as theAstro City Mini Control Pad and the Astro City Mini Arcade Stick will also be marketed with us. Note that the version (pink color) will also be offered for sale in France, but in a quantity limited to 1,000 copies.



The 37 games of the Astro City Mini

Virtual fighter

Space harrier

Rad Mobile

Fantasy Zone

Altered Beast

Golden Ax

Golden Ax – The Revenge Of Death Adder

Alien Syndrome

Alien storm

Wonder boy

Wonder Boy In Monster Land

Wonder Boy III Monster Lair


Shadow dancer

Cyber ​​Police Eswat

Crack Down

Gain Ground

Quartet 2

Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo 2


Columns II

Stack Columns

Bonanza Bros.



Thunder Force AC

Sonic boom

Dottori Kun


Sega Ninja

My hero

Arabian fight

Dark Edge


“Alex Kidd with Stella The Lost Stars”

Scramble Spirits



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