Seamless car transitions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will solely be for sure automobiles

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Star Wars Battlefront II Splash

If you hated the way you spawn as a car, as a substitute of bodily climbing inside them and flying or driving off, within the final Star Wars Battlefront, you is perhaps a little bit upset by this information. Seamless car transitions within the sequel can be reserved for sure automobiles solely, in all probability smaller ones. 

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The final recreation allowed gamers to leap onto a speeder bike, for instance, however in case you needed to drive an AT-ST, you needed to seize a pickup and use it to spawn as one. It’s not an enormous drawback, however it’s a bit immersion-breaking. 

Those pickups are gone in Star Wars Battlefront 2, as a substitute changed with some type of useful resource system. EA haven’t been clear on how this can work, however it’s been carried out to offer everybody a good probability, not simply these tenting on pickups.

Still, it seems such as you’ll nonetheless be spawning in bigger and flying automobiles, if this excerpt from a current Eurogamer interview is something to go by. 

The interviewer requested Criterion’s Matt Webster about car transitions, noting that he’d beforehand talked about gamers turning into automobiles. So does this imply there can be no seamless car transitions? 

“No, there will be. But that was referencing particular types of vehicles,” replies Webster. The interviewer then asks if seamless automobiles can be smaller, “like rideable Tauntans”. “Yes, along those sorts of lines,” solutions Webster. As for the opposite automobiles, they “will be different”, he says, vaguely. 

The whole interview performs out like this, with the representatives ducking the larger questions. For instance, when requested in regards to the much-requested Galactic Conquest mode – you recognize, the one with the house battles that actually everybody desires? – they only mentioned “The thing about the Battlefront fanbase is that there are lots of requests for lots and lots of different things.” 

Make of that what you’ll.