Return to Monkey Island’s Oblivion steed shield is “nearly 100% useless,” similar to the actual point

Return to Monkey Island
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Last month, the devs behind Return to Monkey Island introduced that you will certainly obtain steed shield if you pre-order the game, as well as while it is a joke, the devs are stating that it’s not simply a joke.

“You really will get it. It’s not a big joke,” supervisor Ron Gilbert informs GamesRadar+. “If you did preorder the game, you will get the horse armor.”

Gilbert claims he does not bear in mind precisely where the concept came from, however he has a respectable hunch. “I don’t remember exactly how it came about. We were probably in some kind of a meeting with the marketing people, we were talking about stuff and somebody threw out the horse armor. I don’t even remember who. I’m pretty sure they threw it out as a joke, you know, ‘ha ha, horse armor.’ We all kind of laughed and reacted very positively to that.

“So it simply came to be a point. Then Dave [Grossman] underwent as well as composed all these enjoyable discussion reactions if you attempt to drag the steed shield on various individuals. Guybrush is all pleased with his steed shield.”

Grossman adds, however, that ” there aren’t that lots of reactions for it. It is virtually 100% pointless.”

“Well, in my head, there are thousands of various reactions,” Gilbert says.

“There are really couple of,” Grossman concludes.

Being ‘nearly 100% useless’ would fit the reference, of course. Horse armor infamously debuted in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as one of the first bits of DLC to appear in a major triple-A game. It marginally increases the health of your horse and, well, that’s about it. It’s since become a running joke in the Elder Scrolls series, even appearing as a free add-on for Skyrim.

There are at least horses in The Elder Scrolls, but as art director Rex Crowle notes, ” there’s simply no equines inMonkey Island games When we began this job, I resembled, ‘we require to have some equines!’ Obviously equines would certainly have been a problem to stimulate. But I place in points like articles that perhaps an equine could be bound to. So the concept of obtaining some steed shield is quite amusing.”

” I assume it transpired the method I assume virtually anything in the game happens,” Gilbert says. “We simply laugh regarding things.”

If you want to enjoy the nearly 100% useless horse armor for yourself, you’ve got until September 19 to pick up Return to Monkey Island on Switch or PC via Steam.

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