Recruiting Volunteers for the Discord Server

Survivors, we are looking for moderators for our Discord server! If you have free time, enough gaming experience and desire to help the project development, join the game volunteers’ team.



  • Guaranteed online during required duty period.
  • 18+ years old.
  • Responsibility and stress tolerance, communication skills and literate English language, desire to improve personal skills and help the project development.
  • Ability to explain own thoughts and understand other players.
  • Good knowledge of and compliance with Discord and Crossout rules.
  • Enough gaming experience.
  • Knowledge of Discord basic operating principles.



  • Regular attendance at a moderated platform.
  • User assistance with their questions and issues.
  • Maintenance of order and friendly environment in channels.

Fill in the form via the following link and become one of the candidates! If we haven’t contacted you, it means that we are not yet ready to invite you to become a Discord moderator.

Discord server moderator’s Questionnaire