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Proposed Alterations to Balance

Hello!  The next update is coming next week and it will bring some necessary balance changes. Let’s have a look at what we can expect. We remind you that all the balance changes described in this news are not final…
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Artistic Crossout: April 2054

Hello! Without further ado, let’s turn our attention to the main character of the artwork and the latest hottest topic of discussion: the “Ronin” armoured car. Its arrival is highly anticipated and we’re happy to announce that it will be…
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Saturday Laughter Therapy Session 1 on PC

Greetings, survivors! Are you waiting for good news? And they have just come! This Saturday, the “Laughter Therapy 1” tournament starts with the support of Flame Raiders, and you have a chance to earn valuable items and a premium subscription.…
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The Firestarters Fight Back: Crossout

Hello, survivors! The “Frostbite Assault” season isn’t over yet, and we’re eager to make something new for you. So we decided to add a little, just a liiiiitle FIRE. Welcome to the new season called “Firestarters strike back”! This is…
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Start of the “Wasteland of Wonders” promotion!

Hello! Today we are launching the “Wasteland of Wonders” special. Many of you are already familiar with it. The participants will have a chance to win one of the valuable prizes solely for actively playing the game! During the event,…
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Crossout’s Easter Celebration

Hello! The traditional Easter rush is back! Until April 7 inclusive, you can find all the Easter eggs hidden in your garages and get unique rewards for the “Easter bunny” medals (if you haven’t received these medals before). Finding hidden…
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