Quitting Qatab: Turn 15

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Chivalry is alive and effectively within the corspe-strewn Qatabi city of Al Rayman. With the clock ticking and the lead tanks of an enemy armoured brigade streaming by way of the western suburbs like hungry hyenas, the Comment Commanders resolve to mount an formidable rescue bid earlier than dashing for South Beach. If the thing of the escapade, a Dutch chopper pilot pinned down close to the lighthouse, finishes the situation kaput or captured, no one will have the ability to say it was as a result of of an absence of effort from his comrades-in-arms.

(Quitting Qatab is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 through which NATO forces are orchestrated by commenters whereas Qatabi items are laptop managed. Each day by day flip covers one minute of motion. For a situation define and summaries of earlier turns, click here) 

The rescue try includes three NATO automobiles – the Scimitar, the Challenger, and Deviator the AAV. The Scimitar performs its half superbly. After nailing a close-by sniper with a minimal of fuss…

…the cage-clad British recon tank advances neatly and dispatches a ditch denizen with comparable effectivity.

Firing suppressive HE on the hoof as she hastens eastward to affix the Scimitar, Chally in all probability isn’t conscious of the actions of an enemy AFV on the northern financial institution of the river. A tank, probably the shy T-55, seems to be making for the coast.

A Qat battlewagon already sunning itself on the seashore, is noticed and engaged by Deviator throughout her high-speed ingress. Parked close to the lighthouse, the technical grenaded by Bayou Belle again in flip 2, survives a second AAV assault the identical approach it survived the primary. By skedaddling like a spooked scorpion.

CMSF2 doesn’t do highway site visitors accidents which is lucky as Deviator and Chally attain the nook by the sniper’s crib at precisely the identical second. After some ugly shuffling/clipping, the British bruiser offers technique to the American taxi.

Deviator storms previous the damaged AT-14, her exhaust plume streaming like a lance pennant. Steering into the slender road subsequent to the cafe (redx42) and the suppressed two-storey home (redw44), she virtually crushes a pistol-clutching Qatabi fighter, spread-eagled on what passes for a pavement on this quarter of Al Rayman.

When the flip ends, our altruistic AAV is bearing left, maybe intending to gather her fare within the relative seclusion of the inexperienced house at redu39/40, and I’m eyeing the suspiciously quiet institutions throughout the road nervously, and questioning why neither of the 2 smoke orders I plotted have been executed.

Other flip 15 occasions of notice.

Yuen can paint one other AFV silhouette on his lethal drainpipe. The Jav he launches at T+17…

… arrives at its aimpoint – the too-hot-to-touch roof of the Pelican Point BTR – a couple of seconds later.

Boatwright and 4th Squad’s A Team rock up on the beachhouse. Ample Annie joins them, carrying Stone, Judge, Worrell, and 4th Squad’s B Team.

The sound of a thunderous explosion prompts some anxious map scouring.

Phew, it’s simply rounds cooking-off in one of many blazing BMPs close to the market.