Quitting Qatab: Turn 14

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The undeniable fact that Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons prohibits the usage of white phosphorous munitions in civilian areas, issues the Comment Commanders however doesn’t, in the long run, cease them from ordering the Challenger 2 to focus on a suspected enemy place close to North Beach with WP. Ultimately it’s CMSF2 itself that steps in and prevents a possible digital struggle crime. For causes most likely extra technical than ethical, the GM (Yours Truly) will get an “Invalid Smoke Target” warning when he tries to implement the order so switches to HE ammunition as a substitute.

(Quitting Qatab is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 by which NATO forces are orchestrated by commenters whereas Qatabi models are laptop managed. Each each day flip covers one minute of motion. For a state of affairs define and summaries of earlier turns, click here) 

While Chally belts brickwork, the Scimitar, realising it’s out of smoke grenades, holds its floor and continues to harangue the AT-14 with autocannon and MG.

At T+7 the chap on the receiving finish of this tracer-laced tirade peeps over the parapet throughout a short lull. It proves to be a deadly mistake. The AT-14 is now unmanned.

Or is it? Twenty seconds later, the Scimitar crew spy one other enemy fighter shifting about close to the deserted Spriggan. The rounds supposed for this mysterious particular person (I’d assumed an AT-14 crew consisted of simply two males) hit the missile system as a substitute, rendering it U/S.

Pinpointing the supply of the RPG that strikes the bottom a metre or two in entrance of our recon tank at T+47 is unimaginable (the firer is someplace between 11 and 12 o’clock). However, the unit accountable for gouging the Scimitar’s turret and buttoning-up its commander at roughly the identical time, is locatable.

Forced by Chally to desert the second storey of the balconied constructing at redr52, an enemy sniper has arrange store in a south-facing window on the bottom flooring.

Down on the beachhouse USMC firepower and organisation shortly triumphs over Qatabi bravery and stubbornness. The doughty defenders don’t have any reply to Deviator’s loquacious grenade launcher.

By the time 2nd Squad’s A Team attain the constructing, it’s roofless and threat-free.

From the way in which our Dutch aviator is engaged by foes in each the lighthouse and a restaurant to the SE, the second he will get to his toes, you’d suppose he was trying to exit a greenhouse relatively than a construction of bricks and mortar. Cowering near the backdoor he vows to put up one thing bitter on the BFC discussion board if he ever will get out of Al Rayman alive.

At the the top of the flip, Yuen is on the verge of hurling one other Javelin at Pelican Point.

Ample Annie is able to roll after choosing up the Park House posse.

Restless Willy is scanning the western horizon for indicators of arriving armour after a brief scamper southward from H58.