Prey “Recycle Everything” trailer reveals off the Recycler Charge for clean-ups and kills

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Yet one other Prey video has dropped; this time in honor of Earth Day.

In the most recent Prey video, the deserves of recycling in area are demonstrated with the Recycler Charge that you would be able to lob at something that appears bothersome and have it immediately compacted into tiny cubes.

That goes for messy piles of garbage, alien life kinds, or complete planets. If they’re in the way in which, get rid.

“Earth Day might be all about our planet… but that won’t stop us from celebrating while aboard Talos I,” reads the video description.

“In honor of the global holiday, we took a moment to tidy up our orbiting space station, recycling anything and everything we could find, then using the handy Recycler Charge to clean up some more. From trash to treasures to Typhon aliens, we’re going green in the most awesome way imaginable.”

You can get a hands-on with the opening hour of Prey when the demo for PS4 and Xbox one drops this week on April 27.

The recreation releases worldwide on May 5 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.