Portal 2 Update from May 4, 2012

The gaming press have chimed in on our new free Puzzle Maker, obtainable May eighth, and the decision is unanimous: It is NOT difficult to make your very personal Portal check chambers. “Easy to make use of,” says IGN’s Charles Onyette. “Satisfying and simple,” provides 1UP’s Chris Pereira. “Possibly the simplest degree editor recognized to man,” claims NOW Gamer’s Adam Barnes.

Wow! Is our Puzzle Maker actually this straightforward to make use of, or are these guys simply bald-faced liars? Let’s discover out, and attempt to make a playable map in solely FIVE STEPS.

Here’s the essential map template you begin with. Note: This will not be the 1st step. On the left, you possibly can choose from any of the puzzle components from Portal 2.

Okay, now we’re at Step One. If you’ve a good friend serving to you rely, inform them to start out now. Let’s select an enormous pink button and place it someplace on the map.

Step Two: Connect the button to the door.

Oh, man, we’re already as much as two steps. We higher get shifting. Seriously, we would have over-promised on this.

Step Three: Surprise! We’re throwing this step away. That’s how assured we’re.

Step Four: Now we’re taking a look at this image of Gabe somebody made within the Puzzle Maker.

Step Five: Now we will rebuild our map to see it in motion.

Seconds later, it really works! We did it. The gaming press are usually not liars.*

Here we’re fixing the puzzle:

So we constructed a check chamber: Now what? It’s time to publish it to the Steam Workshop. You can share your puzzle with everybody, or simply share it with buddies, and even maintain it non-public till you suppose it is prepared.

This is clearly a really, very, very, easy map. But don’t fret: the Puzzle Maker is as highly effective as it’s straightforward to make use of. You’ll be designing complicated brain-busters very quickly, belief us.
In reality, you do not even should belief us.

The Perpetual Testing Initiative’s nonetheless in beta, and other people have already been laborious at work making nice science.

* About this particularly.


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