Pokémon’s Puma tennis shoes resume the very best initial starter argument

A photo of a person wearing the Puma Pikachu sneakers. The image using a fish-eye lens as the model leans back with their arms held open.

Image: Puma

The Pokémon Company as well as Puma have actually revealed a line of Pokémon-motivated tennis shoes as well as they in fact look rather glossy. The complete line consists of tennis shoes motivated by 5 traditional Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Gengar, as well as Pikachu. Puma will certainly will be offered to acquire on Saturday at pick stores as well as Puma’s online store.

The footwear look cute as well as I believe this is the very first time I’ve been thrilled to obtain a set of Pokémon-themed or perhaps Nintendo-themed footwear. Each tennis shoe has a various design as well as color design. So the Bulbasaur one has a little a sleeker jogger appearance appearance whereas the Charmander tennis shoe looks even more like an informal low-rise tennis shoe that appears like Nike’s prominent Air Force footwear.

You can check out much more advertising images of the footwear listed below.

Looking at the choices, I can’t assist however remember the choice I made in between the beginners method back when with Pokémon Red. I, directly, intend to purchase the Charmander variation. The suede looks very enjoyable, as well as it’ll be a brilliant as well as vivid enhancement to my routine staple of monotone attire. Now, it’s simply an issue of entering the digital line rapidly sufficient to snatch a set.


Source: Polygon

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