Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet gamers believe Nemona’s a weirdo

Characters from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Nemona is obtaining a little of a credibility as a stalker.

The 2 brand-new Gen 9 games celebrity Nemona as a competing instructor to the gamer personality, following them any place they venture in Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet. Consequently, Nemona has actually obtained prestige within the Pokemon fanbase as a stalker, as confirmed by the subreddit blog post seen simply listed below.

It’s difficult to refute the proof of Nemona tracking the gamer personality. The competing follows you any place you endeavor in Scarlet as well as Violet, obviously surveying simply outside Gyms as well as awaiting the gamer personality to arise victorious so she can fight them.

The blog post over absolutely toenails one point: Nemona emitted a really various ambiance in Scarlet as well as Violet trailers prior to launch. Once illustrated as a buddy of the lead character, Nemona in fact has a strange fixation with adhering to as well as defeating them in the last game.

In all sincerity however, it shows up Nemona has actually been something of a struck with Scarlet as well as Violet gamers. The brand-new opponent has actually turned up everywhere on discussion forums like Reddit, with follower art as well as memes committed to her. Better a strange stalker than a unforgettable no one, right?

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