Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy – Missions, Raids, Trade, and War defined

Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy guide

The three Phoenix Point Factions dominate the stays of human civilization after the emergence of the lethal mutant-birthing Pandoravirus; and the way you govern your interactions with every of them is solely as much as you. Our Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy information gives you an thought of how diplomacy works in Phoenix Point, together with helpful particulars on the three principal factions within the game: New Jericho, Synedrion, and the Disciples of Anu.

Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy information contents:

Phoenix Point Factions

Phoenix Point Factions

There are three principal Phoenix Point factions which you’ll come throughout throughout your makes an attempt to avoid wasting the human race from extinction. Each of those factions has navy energy, affect, distinctive applied sciences, and near-invariably opposing viewpoints on the easiest way ahead for humanity.

As you start to discover the varied factors of curiosity round Phoenix Point originally of your marketing campaign, you’ll begin to run into Havens managed by the three totally different factions. After you meet a faction, you’ll unlock an preliminary analysis challenge to study extra about them; and also you’ll additionally be capable of view the factions and their world standing (in addition to their attitudes in direction of each other and in direction of you) from the Diplomacy tab of the Geoscape.

Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at the three principal Phoenix Point factions, so you may higher perceive their function within the game and what they’ll supply the Phoenix Project.

Phoenix Point Factions – New Jericho

New Jericho is essentially the most outright military-focused faction in Phoenix Point, and their insurance policies all revolve across the central ideas of human purity and the destruction of exterior threats – specifically, the Pandorans. Their chief is Tobias West, former war-profiteering CEO and billionaire who’s considered with no small quantity of idolatry throughout the faction.

New Jericho typically sits between the opposite two factions by way of general variety of followers and havens, and their applied sciences are virtually completely centered on navy developments. Their Gauss weaponry is a fast and simply obtainable improve to the Phoenix Project’s default weapons by way of uncooked injury; and in a while down the road they’ve bought some pretty formidable armor-piercing weaponry to make good use of.

Another large plus is the Armadillo APC – a strong armoured tank that may face up to an terrible quantity of punishment from virtually any enemy; they usually even have the distinctive Thunderbird plane, a beefy helicarrier with a decrease pace however the next vary and larger carrying capability than the Phoenix Project’s default Manticore plane. Look no additional than our Phoenix Point Vehicles & Aircraft information for full particulars.

New Jericho Unique Class: Technician

As effectively as the same old Assault, Sniper, and Heavy lessons of soldier, New Jericho affords a novel class within the Technician – an exosuit-clad specialist with the flexibility to deploy automated turrets and heal pleasant troopers and automobiles alike. For extra info, remember to try our Phoenix Point Classes information.

Phoenix Point Factions – Synedrion

Broadly talking, Synedrion is the communist faction of Phoenix Point. The solely faction ruled by a council slightly than a single chief, they’re essentially the most technologically superior faction of the three – and their overriding goal is to discover a technique to co-exist throughout the new ecosystem that has been thrust upon the human race.

Synedrion is outnumbered by each New Jericho and the Disciples of Anu, however their bleeding-edge know-how greater than makes up for this deficit. From what I’ve seen, the emphasis with Synedrion weaponry appears to be on precision and stealth. Making use of Synedrion tech will see your troopers utilizing silenced weapons, paralysis injury, and an arsenal of weapons with the next efficient vary than any of their counterparts from different factions.

Synedrion’s reply to the New Jericho Thunderbird is the Helios – a smaller, lighter craft which really carries one fewer items than the Phoenix Project’s default plane, however makes up for it with elevated vary and a blistering pace, making it wonderful for responding to the varied threats the crop up throughout the globe as you head into the mid-game.

Synedrion Unique Class: Infiltrator

Another uniqueness about Synedrion is the Infiltrator class, which – as you will have guessed from the title – is unmatched in stealth and reconnaissance. This assassin-like unit makes use of silenced weapons each up shut and at vary, which is extraordinarily helpful for sure missions – they usually even have entry to drone know-how which can be utilized to scout forward and achieve a tactical benefit in lots of conditions.

Phoenix Point Factions – Disciples of Anu

The Exalted is the precept determine behind the Disciples of Anu – a brand new faith which revolves round Anu, the so-called Dead God; and the Exalted’s visions concerning mentioned deity. According to the Disciples of Anu, the Pandoravirus and the Pandoran Mist was despatched by Anu to purify humanity of its sins.

The Disciples of Anu holds extra followers and havens than both of the opposite two factions, and whereas not significantly technologically superior within the conventional sense, their biotech leaning in direction of mutations and utilizing the Pandoravirus in very managed methods to reinforce themselves and their talents makes for some stunning and weird navy would possibly.

By far crucial creation of the Disciples of Anu from the attitude of accelerating the power of the Phoenix Project is the huge Tiamat airship – {a partially} natural ship which, whereas slower than another plane within the game, can carry as much as eight items without delay into battle, and makes use of its unimaginable vary to succeed in new international locations and continents far earlier than you in any other case may.

Disciples of Anu Unique Classes: Berserker & Priest

The Disciples of Anu make use of two distinctive soldier lessons. The first is the Berserker, a strong mutated warrior constructed for melee and shut quarters fight, who could make use of robust armor, pure therapeutic, and intensely punchy close-range weapons to get the job accomplished.

The second distinctive class of the Disciples of Anu is the Priest, whose mutations enable them to regulate enemy items for a short while, and whose predilection for viral-based weaponry leads to some way more insidious technique of victory than most.

Phoenix Point Factions - Independent Havens

Phoenix Point Factions – Independent Havens

But the whole thing of the human race is just not comprised solely of those three factions and the Phoenix Project. We’re not fairly in such dire form as that. In truth, there are a considerable variety of Indepedent Havens that you’ll undoubtedly encounter throughout your travels and expansions. These havens and their leaders are loyal to no faction, and every will base their opinions of you solely on their private interactions with you.

Upon assembly a brand new Independent Haven, the chief gives you an non-obligatory mission which, when you full it, will usually reward you with a considerable quantity of sources – to not point out goodwill with that haven. Though plainly goodwill and illwill with Independent Havens don’t matter almost as a lot as your affairs and interactions with the three main factions.

Phoenix Point Diplomacy

Diplomacy in Phoenix Point

Diplomacy in Phoenix Point takes many varieties, as a result of there are a number of ways in which the Phoenix Project can work together with the three factions. The greatest place to begin is the Diplomacy display screen within the Geoscape, which retains monitor of everybody’s attitudes in direction of each other.

In order to extend your standing with a specific faction, you’ll want to finish missions for them, reply favourably when sure occasions pop up which require your response, and assist them fend off assaults from Pandorans and different factions. At varied thresholds, you’ll achieve extra advantages:

  • At an angle of +25, you’ll be capable of see each haven belonging to that faction throughout the globe.
  • At an angle of +50, you’ll achieve entry to a restricted number of that faction’s distinctive applied sciences.
  • At an angle of +75, you’ll achieve full entry to that faction’s distinctive department of the tech tree.

But in addition to doing typically beneficial issues for that faction, so as to push your self into the following threshold of alliance, you’ll want to finish a particular mission for that faction. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what you do for them you’ll be locked under that threshold, at 24 or 49 or 74.

On the flipside of this, angering the factions can have sure penalties at two totally different thresholds:

  • At an angle of -25, you’ll be unable to commerce with or recruit from havens belonging to that faction.
  • At an angle of -75, the faction will begin to assault your bases. Relations can’t enhance from this level.

As a basic guideline, I’d say the perfect plan of action for any marketing campaign is to get all three factions as much as +25 angle so that you reveal each faction haven on the map (serving to marvellously with exploration), after which deal with enhancing relations with a particular faction whereas stealing plane and applied sciences from the opposite two – however don’t go overboard with that half, since you don’t actually need to go to struggle with any of the factions.

Trade & Recruitment

Two early-game applied sciences have to be researched so as to unlock the flexibility to commerce with and recruit from faction havens. These applied sciences are Haven Trade Protocols and Haven Recruitment Protocols, respectively.

After you analysis these two techs, then beneath every faction haven within the Geoscape world view you’ll see sure new icons seem. For commerce, the icons that seem will signify which sources you should purchase from that haven; and also you’ll additionally be capable of see whether or not they have a soldier obtainable for recruitment as a result of there’ll be a human icon subsequent to the haven in that case. To discover out extra particulars about each, merely click on on the haven and choose Haven Info from the dropdown menu.

Raids & Warfare

Diplomacy doesn’t at all times imply diplomacy in these games. As time goes on, the opposing views of the three factions will spark conflicts, which can virtually inevitably flip to all-out struggle in a while down the road. But you will get in on the motion too. Not solely are you able to rush in along with your military to defend havens from assault by different factions, however you may as well head to virtually any haven belonging to any faction and there might be one or two alternatives for Raids.

Raids are, as I like to consider them, “naughty missions”. If you want to steal one thing from a faction, whether or not it’s supplies or applied sciences, or perhaps a entire plane, then all you must do is ship your military in an plane to the closest relevant faction haven, and begin the raid. These raids usually have a really excessive menace degree and are full of tough encounters with extremely skilled troopers, and the chance seems to extend when you tackle stronger and bigger havens – however the rewards are virtually at all times effectively price it. Particularly when you get an entire new plane out of it.

Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy guide

And with that, I feel we’ll conclude this Phoenix Point factions & diplomacy information. But that’s not all we’ve bought in retailer for Phoenix Point! Check out our ever-expanding Phoenix Point information sequence record under for extra particulars and recommendation on a distinct side of this bold turn-based ways game.

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