Phoenix Point enemies – methods to cope with the Siren, Chiron, Scylla, and extra

Phoenix Point enemies guide

The Phoenix Point enemies are a vibrant bunch of mutants. Each one is a patchwork of arthropod, annelid, human, and alien DNA all rolled into one by the Pandoravirus; and every enemy has totally different strengths and presents totally different threats – some excess of others.

In this Phoenix Point enemies information we’ll stroll you thru every Pandoran enemy in flip, together with detailed sections on methods to counter the Siren, Terror Sentinel, Chiron, and Scylla – 4 enemies that appear to be giving gamers an excessive amount of hassle.

Phoenix Point enemies information contents:

Phoenix Point enemies

Phoenix Point enemies

Phoenix Point is a tricky, punishing game, even by the requirements of the style – and that is at the least partially right down to the truth that even essentially the most fundamental enemy can spell catastrophe in your squad (or at the least one in all your troopers) if left unchecked.

The following is a full record of each Pandoran enemy within the game (we gained’t be overlaying the faction enemies as a result of their items are all the identical troopers and lessons the participant makes use of – for more information on this try our Phoenix Point Classes information):

  • Arthron – Also known as the “crabman”. Uses a poison spit assault, in addition to two of the next: a closely armored defend; an assault rifle; a grenade launcher; and a melee claw. High injury, however straightforward to kill.
  • Triton – Uses shotguns and pistols. High notion means it will possibly shoot from nice distances. Tentacles may cause paralysis at melee vary. Upon taking injury, will flip invisible and transfer away a number of tiles.
  • Mindfragger – Small, easy-to-kill enemy. No vary assaults, but when it will get inside a number of tiles of a soldier it will possibly latch onto the soldier’s head and mind-control it till the Mindfragger is destroyed.
  • Worm – Small, simply killed explosive enemies. Come in three varieties: acid, poison, and hearth. Each one will apply the related standing impact in an AoE upon exploding. Kill from a distance.
  • Siren – The worst enemy within the game. Fast, closely armored, excessive well being pool, and may thoughts management your items. Also has highly effective melee assaults, and its Psychic Scream capacity can panic close by enemies.
  • Chiron – Powerful artillery unit. High well being and powerful armor. Different kind of artillery relying on the kind of shell; some launch Worms, others launch goo, others launch explosives. Can additionally use a melee stomp assault.
  • Scylla (Queen) – The largest unit within the game. Essentially a battleship. Can trample via buildings, lay Mindfraggers, deploy mist, launch goo, and has highly effective melee and ranged assaults. Very excessive well being and really robust armor. Found in Pandoran Citadels and in sure mid-to-late-game missions.
  • Egg – Eggs lie dormant till they’re attacked or they sense close by enemies. After a preparation flip it’ll hatch into both a Mindfragger or a Worm. Coordinate assaults to kill an egg earlier than it hatches.
  • Mist Sentinel – A dwelling construction of types, deploys mist in an space round it when threatened. Easy to kill, not a lot of a risk in any respect.
  • Hatching Sentinel – Much like a Mist Sentinel, however when threatened will “Mass Hatch” all close by eggs. Only present in Pandoran Nests.
  • Terror Sentinel – The most harmful Sentinel by far. High well being, and when threatened will Psychic Scream in a big radius round it, drastically reducing your items’ WPs and probably inflicting them to panic.
  • Hatchery – Only present in Pandoran Lairs. Completely passive construction, have to be destroyed so as to full Pandoran Lair missions.

As your marketing campaign progresses and also you develop extra highly effective, so will every of the Pandorans you encounter. And this evolution can be influenced by how you could have handled them up to now. For instance, when you’ve targeted closely on an Arthron’s head up to now you could discover that new Arthrons have notably well-armored heads.

Another essential observe is that nearly all the essential enemies within the game (Arthrons, Tritons, Sirens, Chirons, Scyllas) have entry to totally different “loadouts” of weapons and gear. One Chiron would possibly spit goo at you, whereas one other might launch Fireworms at you. One Arthron would possibly make use of an assault rifle and a defend, whereas one other has a grenade launcher and a melee claw. You ought to at all times examine the information display of an enemy when it arrives to get a good suggestion of its loadout and capabilities earlier than deciding methods to deal with it.

Now we’re going to choose 4 main enemy varieties that have a tendency to offer gamers a number of hassle, and stroll you thru the threats they pose and methods to cope with them successfully.

How to counter the Siren

The Siren is by far essentially the most harmful single unit in Phoenix Point, notably once you come up towards a number of without delay. It might appear to be you could have completely no probability when three Sirens all of a sudden present up out of the blue, nevertheless it doesn’t need to be a foregone conclusion. Here’s what you could learn about getting ready for and countering the Siren enemy:

  • Sirens are mid-game items that have a tendency to look after your first six or extra missions. This offers you loads of time to arrange by equipping your troops with the appropriate weapons and skills.
  • The key to defeating Sirens is to hold out of their efficient vary for so long as it takes to kill them. Never let it get right into a place the place it doesn’t have to maneuver subsequent flip earlier than mind-controlling your items, and area out your troops to ensure it will possibly by no means mind-control two of your items in the identical flip.
  • Because of its excessive armor, single-shot high-damage weapons are the best way to go. This means sniper rifles and Heavy Cannons. Later on you too can use shotguns and armor-piercing weapons to nice impact.
  • If you’re anticipating a Siren to look, make good use of Overwatch together with your sniper items – notably when you’ve given them Extreme Focus so Overwatch solely takes 2 APs as an alternative of three.
  • Focus the Siren’s head first. Destroying it’ll take away a tonne of its Will Points (making it tougher to mind-control your items) and in addition removes its Psychic Scream capacity.
  • Weak Spot and Rage Burst are very helpful skills to make use of towards Sirens. Weak Spot will take away all armor of destroyed physique elements, and Rage Burst is an effective “kill it quick” capacity that may make it easier to regain management when going through a number of high-level items without delay.
  • It’s not the top of the world if the Siren mind-controls one in all your items, so long as you may kill it subsequent flip. But watch out in case the unit it mind-controlled has Return Fire, as a result of that may actually cripple your squad when you’re not anticipating it.

How to counter the Terror Sentinel

The Terror Sentinel is, as its title suggests, fairly terrifying the primary time you see it. The first time I noticed one, I didn’t perceive its capabilities, and it single-handedly obliterated my squad by panic-locking everybody whereas the opposite enemies cleaned up. This is just not an enemy to be taken evenly.

  • Give the Terror Sentinel an especially vast berth. Thankfully it’s straightforward to identify from a distance, so it’s best to be capable to see it from the primary one or two turns. Stay as distant as attainable till you wish to deal with it.
  • When you could destroy a Terror Sentinel, one of the best ways to do it earlier than it will possibly Psychic Scream is to make use of a Heavy soldier with the Rage Burst capacity (for extra particulars try our Phoenix Point Classes information!). As lengthy as you place your unit appropriately, it’ll destroy the Sentinel in a single flip.
  • Only tangle with Terror Sentinels if you actually need to. One Rage Burst could also be ample to take it out, however together with different enemies issues can shortly spiral uncontrolled. If there’s a path to the Hatchery that doesn’t take you close to the Terror Sentinel, take that path.

How to counter the Chiron

The Chiron is without doubt one of the most damaging enemies in Phoenix Point – and, maybe unexpectedly, additionally one of the versatile. Different forms of Chiron current totally different threats to your troops, however they’re all harmful, notably together with different items.

  • When you first see a Chiron, be aware of its stomach kind. Does it launch goo, or Fireworms, or acid bombs, or one thing else? Know your enemy proper from the outset.
  • Worm-throwing Chirons are the best to cope with. A single soldier with a 1AP pistol can cope with a cluster of worms. Goo is extra harmful, and the bomb-hurling Chirons are by far the worst. They take absolute high precedence.
  • No matter what kind of Chiron you’re towards, when you see a Chiron on the battlefield that’s your sign to unfold your troops out. You don’t need all of them to be hit without delay by goo or explosives or the rest the Chiron throws at you.
  • Because of the Chiron’s excessive armor and well being, it’s best to cope with them utilizing lots of the identical strategies as you’d for a Siren. High-damage single-shot weapons, armor-piercing rounds, and so forth.
  • If you’ve obtained a Berserker, then arm it with grenades and use its Armor Break capacity earlier than throwing the grenade. The further 50 Shred will apply to each broken half, completely crippling the Chiron’s armor.
  • Rage Burst is, once more, the insurance coverage “boss-killer” capacity – and due to the scale of the Chiron, you may simply use it from a distance. A full spherical of sniper rifle or heavy cannon pictures will obliterate a Chiron.

How to counter the Scylla (Queen)

The Scylla is certainly the scariest-looking enemy within the game – a large boss creature that spans a number of tiles and may cost via total buildings. Its weapons are many and its armor is almost impenetrable when you’re not ready for it. But stick to those suggestions and also you’ll discover that the Queen of the Pandorans is definitely fairly the pushover.

  • The Scylla’s downfall is its dimension. Like the Chiron, it will possibly simply be focused from a distance. But clearly, you’ll want to make use of the proper instruments for the job, otherwise you gained’t even make a dent in its excessive well being pool.
  • The essential factor is to kill the Scylla as shortly as attainable earlier than it has an opportunity to wreak havoc and lay tonnes of Mindfraggers. Scyllas grow to be a lot tougher to cope with when there are numerous enemies about.
  • The absolute best factor to make use of towards the Scylla is (predictably) Rage Burst. Equip your Rage Burst character with a Heavy Cannon, Gauss Machine Gun, or a superb sniper rifle; place them proper in entrance of the Scylla, and watch its well being soften away.
  • The Berserker-Shred-Grenade methodology can be very highly effective towards the Scylla. Much just like the Chiron, the Scylla has a number of closely armored elements, so an armor-shredding grenade will assist make it way more susceptible to follow-up assaults.
  • Don’t be afraid to rise up shut and private with the Scylla. Problems happen when you permit the Scylla to retreat, so it’s a good suggestion to actively body-block them by surrounding them together with your troops – which additionally means that you can make use of highly effective close-range assaults like Shotguns.

Phoenix Point Mindfragger

How to counter the Mindfragger

Finally, a short phrase on the Mindfragger. I’m absolutely conscious that the Mindfragger is nowhere close to as nice a risk as any of the opposite enemies on this record, however I wished to focus on a few issues that many gamers might have hassle with at first:

  • If a Mindfragger manages to latch onto one in all your items, then you definately’ll must destroy it to free your soldier. Shooting it with burst weapons will virtually actually injury your soldier too, so the perfect factor to make use of is a single-shot weapon akin to a pistol or sniper rifle.
  • But the very best methodology that not many gamers realise is to easily Bash the Mindfragger at melee vary. Walk as much as the possessed soldier; click on Bash; click on the Mindfragger icon above your motion bar, after which affirm the Bash. Remember that third half, otherwise you’ll simply find yourself hitting your individual soldier.

Phoenix Point enemies guide

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