Persona 4: Golden real finishing overview

The Persona 4 protagonist jumps out of a TV screen alongside his friends

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If you’re not mindful, you can lose out on the real finishing of Persona 4:Golden Clearing the dungeons by a target date as well as responding to evident social triggers is a wind, yet the last little bit of the game can be challenging as well as simple to miss out on.

The game will certainly usually motivate you prior to huge, game- altering choices take place, so ensure to conserve your game when it does. We advise reducing a different save port, as well, simply in situation you intend to return to see various ends or if you require to backtrack after slipping up.

Before the orgasm of the tale, ensure to max out Marie’s social web link byDec 31 We’re placing this prior to all the various other things since this is something you’ll have the ability to deal with throughout the program of the game.

[Ed. note: Minor spoilers for Persona 4 Golden are below. We understand that you are probably looking this guide up probably before you’re getting to these story points, so we’ve tried our best things organized in a way to avoid spoilers. Only look at the dates below if you’re ready to be spoiled for the events on that day.]

On Dec 3 …

On Dec 3, you’ll require to choose the best discussion while the gang is speaking about what to do withNamatame You’ll require to select these alternatives, in order:

  • “Wait a second here …”
  • “We’re missing something.”
  • “Namatame’s true feelings.”
  • “Something’s bothering me.”
  • “We’re missing something …”
  • “Calm the hell down!”

After doing this, the team will certainly pertain to their detects a little bit as well as the tale will certainly proceed.

If you succumb to your needs for vengeance, you will certainly obtain a poor closing of the game, so ensure to select the discussion alternatives meticulously. We’re uncertain if there are greater than one collection of “right” response to obtain real closing, yet these are the options that we can validate job.

On Dec 5 …

The gang will certainly collect for a dish, yet will certainly talk about real perpetrator behind all the negative things taking place inInaba When triggered, you’ll require to pick real awesome:Tohru Adachi The food selection will certainly note your close friends as well as various other social web links, so pick “someone else” up until his name shows up on the checklist.

A brand-new dungeon will certainly open, needing you to remove it.

On Feb 13 …

The gang takes place a ski journey beginning onFeb 11.On Feb 13, you’ll head to a brand-new dungeon called theHollow Forest Make certain to finish the dungeon.

On March 20 …

On March 20, after checking out all your maxed out social web links, do not return residence After meeting a lot of your pals to bid farewell, the game will certainly ask if you intend to return residence to prepare to go residence. Select “no” as well as rather, head to the Junes food court

After a cutscene plays, head to Samegawa Flood Plain to speak to Dojima as well asNanako After talking, most likely to the Central Shopping District as well as right into the Velvet Room to get an essential thing from Igor.

After doing all this, lastly head to the gasoline station that you initially quit at when you began the game as well as speak to the assistant there to cause real closing of the game.


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