Palworld: Beyond ‘Pokemon with Guns’ – Capture and Sell Human Parts Too

Palworld type chart
(Image credit: Pocketpair, Inc.)

Palworld players are discovering that, to their horror, they can capture human beings and then sell their parts.

Palworld was billed as being ‘Pokemon with guns,’ and while that’s a new brand of chaotic and unconventional, it turns out the game has another side to it entirely: capturing and selling human parts. As the horrified streamer discovers in the clip below, capturing humans in tiny PokeBall-like devices is very much a thing in the new MMO.

In the responses to the tweet below, the streamer reveals that human parts are “very valuable,” so there might even be an advantage to butchering other humans and casting off any moral shackles you’ve got left. 

Get ready to see a lot more clips like this over the coming few days, now that Palworld is actually out in the wild. As the streamer below points out though, Palworld does actually tell you that capturing and then butchering a human being for their parts is “inhumane,” but that’s literally all the moral judging the game does against you.

Perhaps the tables have turned at long last, and humans are now justifiably finding out what it’s like to be stuffed into a tiny ball. Either way, it looks like everyone is being treated like crap in this game, considering you can hold up some Pals like meat-shields from Gears of War and fire machine-gun blasts into their bodies. It’s truly a dark day for the Pokemon-likes out there.

Head over to our Palworld type chart guide if you’re after a complete walkthrough on how to break down the game’s combat system. 



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