Overwatch – right here’s an in-game have a look at Sombra in motion and extra data on her skills

During BlizzCon 2017 yesterday, attendees have been in a position to get their hands on Sombra.

One of these fortunate people was Overwatch YouTuber Unit Lost. You can watch him check out the brand new character in the video above, and she or he appears to be like like she might be a reasonably enjoyable offensive character to play.

While you watch, you’ll discover her numerous skills on show, which were posted yesterday. These are Hack, Thermoptic Camo, Translocator and EMP however she additionally has a passive talent referred to as Opportunistic. This permits her to see enemies by means of a wall, offering their well being is under 50%. Her well being, by the way in which, 200 regular well being.

There’s extra to her than having x-ray imaginative and prescient of types – she will be able to additionally hack a well being pack, which sounds fairly rattling useful, as you’ll observe under.

All of the knowledge you might be about to learn comes courtesy of reddit consumer icominblob who pulled all the things he may glean from the video and posted it on the Overwatch subreddit. Well completed and hats off to you good sir. I’d purchase you a beer when you lived close by.

Using the Hack potential on a well being pack, even a number of well being packs, will recharge it at thrice the common velocity. This is barely throughout the hack, which is denoted by a purple cranium above the pack which acts as a timer. The packs will keep hacked for one minute, however they are often hacked once more simply earlier than the cranium disappears. This will replace the hack, however provided that the timer is under 20%.

Sombra can’t hack a well being pack throughout setup although, and she or he can’t hack one which an enemy Sombra has already hacked. Also, enemies can see which of them have been hacked together with the nifty cranium timer ticking away above it.


Continuing with regards to hacking, it must be famous the vary of this potential is 9-10 meters and might take as much as one second to activate. Should Sombra take harm, she should begin the hack once more. When hacking an enemy, Sombra will be capable of see their well being and supreme standing for 20-30 seconds. The potential cancel will final for six seconds, and the Hack potential has a 12 second cooldown.

While she is unable to hack shields or obstacles, she will be able to hack an enemy which has been nano-boosted. This received’t cease the nano-boost, however the enemy participant will be unable to make use of their skills.

When utilizing her Translocator potential, which has a six second cooldown, the translocator beacon will wait for 15 seconds earlier than dissipating. As said yesterday, she cam immediately return to the beacon’s location whereas it’s energetic even when in mid-flight. Enemies can’t destroy the translocator beam and as soon as it has been tossed, the participant can nonetheless teleport to it ought to they be hacked by an enemy Sombra.

Using the translocator and healthpacks on the similar time, in accordance with icominblob, is a reasonably nifty method to hold your self protected when preventing enemies. What Sombra can do is place a translocator on a well being pack, entry the fray and spray as many enemies as potential for the 15 seconds the beam is up. Then teleport again to the well being pack when her well being is in dire straits, heal up and begin once more. Sounds like a plan.


Sombra additionally packs round a Machine Pistol, which is a fully-automatic that fires in a short-range unfold, and sports activities which may maintain 60 rounds. Her unfold will “max out very quickly,” and can then keep the identical throughout the spray.

When utilizing Thermoptic Camo, Sombra can develop into invisible for a brief time period, throughout which her velocity is boosted significantly. This potential additionally has a six second cooldown. Attacking, utilizing offensive skills, or taking harm will disable the camouflage. Should she want therapeutic, Mercy can heal Sombra whereas invisible and solely Mercy can see the therapeutic beam. And turrets are unable to lock on to Sombra when utilizing the camo, so run in entrance of them when you like. Only whereas invisible, in fact.

Finally, let’s get to Sombra’s Ultimate Ability, EMP, which makes use of line of sight as an alternative of straight up vary. When deploying the ULT, she discharges electromagnetic power in a large radius, destroying enemy obstacles, shields and hacking all opponents caught within the blast. This contains bodily shields like Winston’s however even innate Shields, like these which make up nearly all of Zenyatta’s well being.

Of course, there’ll rather more to study Sombra, and we anticipate a deluge of knowledge on the brand new character as soon as she hits the PTR subsequent week.