Overwatch: Bastion’s new PTR adjustments make him a formidable hero

Is our favorite robotic new and improved?

Screenshot 3 - Bastion

“Previously Bastion was unable to move while repairing, whereas now he can not only freely move, but it has single-handedly transformed his play style. Clever use of scenery and his Self-Repair has ensured he can now take on Heroes that were previously off limit.”

Bastion is an odd Hero. Not solely does he trigger distress to new Overwatch gamers, however he’s typically a simple kill for anybody skilled or enjoying as a part of a coordinated crew. His static nature of play, comparatively weak Configuration: Recon, and incapacity to be viable outdoors of his Configuration: Sentry has seen him carry little to the sport. Despite him nonetheless being enjoyable and being greater than able to doing fairly nicely in PUG matches (usually exploiting the uncertainty and inexperience of fledgling gamers) it’s truthful to say he deserved some buffs.

What’s significantly difficult with regards to Bastion nevertheless is that his package is basically on a knife edge. Provide an excessive amount of survivability and injury to his Configuration: Sentry and he’ll comfortably clear any crew (as was typically skilled throughout his earlier iterations). Provide too little and his Sentry turns into largely ineffective. Where his Configuration: Recon is anxious, most of the similar issues apply with the premise that if he’s too viable merely working and gunning, not solely does it make his Sentry redundant, however it will considerably undermine the validity of Heroes akin to McCree or Soldier 76.

Finding that candy spot between his capacity to freely roam outdoors of his Configuration: Sentry, with the flexibility to nonetheless stress from far and nonetheless gun gamers down, is difficult. I can absolutely recognize why Blizzard has delicately approached the stability of Bastion: he didn’t spawn his own meme for nothing.

For anybody who hasn’t but seen, Bastion has obtained important adjustments on the Public Test Realm.

  • Configuration: Sentry
  • Deploy time decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.zero second
  • Bullet unfold elevated by 50 p.c
  • Bullet unfold is all the time at most (it not will increase because the weapon is fired)
  • Magazine measurement elevated from 200 to 300
  • Headshot injury multiplier has been eliminated
  • No longer offers essential injury
  • Configuration: Recon
  • Bullet unfold decreased by 25 p.c
  • Magazine measurement elevated from 20 to 25
  • Self-Repair
  • Can now be used whereas shifting
  • Now certain to secondary fireplace (previously Ability 2)
  • No longer interrupted by taking injury
  • A brand new useful resource meter has been added that deplete whereas Self-Repair is energetic and recharges when not in use
  • Configuration: Tank
  • No longer grants bonus armor
  • Bastion has a brand new passive: Ironclad
  • Bastion takes 35% much less injury whereas in Sentry or Tank configuration
  • Even with out diving onto the PTR, it’s a set of plain buffs with solely a smattering of stability tweaks, to offset the notable enhancements (particularly his Bullet unfold from Sentry mode having been elevated).

Screenshot 2 - Bastion

The key query then, is Bastion any extra viable because of these adjustments? Undeniably sure – even when the PTR isn’t the perfect playground to benchmark his new discovered strengths.

I’ve to confess that I’ve all the time liked Bastion. Between him, Mei and Junkrat, I appear to have an attraction to the underdog. Even if choosing him is a nasty choice – actually on particular maps and with some crew compositions, it undeniably is – I’ve all the time gravitated in direction of him. The attraction of establishing store in Configuration: Sentry, in a location the enemy crew don’t suspect, is certainly gratifying. The considered additionally being a roaming robotic able to suppressing fireplace, whereas nonetheless being able to maintain your self, makes for an thrilling Hero.

“On multiple occasions, whether in Recon or Sentry, the new magazine sizes allowed me to kill opponents I know for a fact would have killed me. There’s now a freedom to let loose that little bit more.”

Unfortunately for Bastion, he was extremely lopsided to the purpose the place it was typically suicide to roam and even swap positions and his capacity to commerce blows with nearly any opponent would typically finish in demise. Even when being babysat by the likes of Mercy or Reinhardt, he remained area of interest and straightforward to uproot.

The adjustments made by Blizzard are reasonably intelligent and have reworked him into what I’d initially hoped he can be. Where he was as soon as a one trick pony, there’s now a way he’s truly viable outdoors of his Configuration: Sentry. Certainly the matches I’ve performed, in opposition to a cross-section of talents, has seen me do exceptionally nicely remaining solely in Recon. One explicit encounter in opposition to Soldier: 76 was significantly pleasing as I consistently whittled his well being down, repaired my very own earlier than dashing him for a close to immediate Sentry at level clean vary.

The bigger journal measurement of each modes has helped him enormously. Not only for extended firefights but in addition for these moments when your intention is likely to be somewhat off, otherwise you merely must hedge your bets within the hopes of ending off an opponent. On a number of events, whether or not in Recon or Sentry, the brand new journal sizes allowed me to kill opponents I do know for a reality would have killed me. When I’d typically want one or two extra bullets, solely to search out myself reloading, there’s now a freedom to let free that little bit extra.


It needs to be mentioned although that regardless of the larger accuracy of Bastion’s rifle in Recon mode and its bigger clip measurement, the main target of his replace needs to be on the mobility Self-Repair now affords.

Previously Bastion was unable to maneuver whereas repairing, whereas now he cannot solely freely transfer, nevertheless it has single handedly reworked his play model. His maintain is unbelievable and regardless of him nonetheless being susceptible to focus fireplace or crowd management (like every Hero) he can now poke, replenish himself, return again to fight and consistently stress. Clever use of surroundings and his Self-Repair has, so far as I’m involved, ensured he can now tackle Heroes that have been beforehand off limits.

There’s no mistaking some Heroes are nonetheless extremely difficult (Roadhog stays a agency favourite right here) however for the primary time since launch, I don’t really feel like I’m hindering my crew for doing one thing so simple as selecting Bastion on Attack. In reality, he has proved reasonably adept at instances due to his cell therapeutic.

As as to whether or not these adjustments will assist Bastion with regards to the aggressive scene, it’s just too early to inform. There’s each likelihood he’ll see extra play – of that I’ve little question. To what diploma nevertheless, I believe only some share factors.

For him to really shine amongst a crew, I believe additional changes to his Tank configuration can be welcome (can we pace up its transformation considerably?) whereas squeezing in some group utility into his package can be excellent. As to what that could possibly be, I’ll let Blizzard resolve, however there’s actually an argument for him needing one thing…extra. As adjustments go nevertheless, these are all good and go a great distance in serving to one among my favourite Heroes.

Have you performed Bastion on the Public Test Realm? What are your ideas on his revised package? Do you assume he’ll be extra viable? What additional adjustments would you prefer to see? Let me know.