Overwatch 2 contact number need currently approves pre paid strategies, allowing even more gamers in

Junker Queen throws her glowing knife, Gracie, at an offscreen opponent on the map Junkertown in a screenshot from Overwatch 2

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s SMS Protect need – a step meant to suppress harmful and also turbulent gamer actions — currently fits smart phones on a pre paid strategy, Blizzard Entertainment announced on Thursday. That indicates the need to link a Battle.internet account to a mobile number is back for lots of gamers of the free-to-play hero shooter.

SMS Protect was disabled for a majority of Overwatch 2 players on Oct. 5 as Blizzard dealt with a boating of connection issues occurring from the very expected game’s launch the day previously. Blizzard presented the contact number need as a way to restrict totally free account production and also permission criminals without outlawing them, just to see them return later on.

But since SMS Protect would certainly not deal with the information intend on pre paid smart phones, lots of gamers discovered themselves successfully shut out of the brand-new game one week prior to its launch. Making matters even worse, Overwatch 2 changes the initial 2015, whose web servers shut on Oct. 3, implying long time followers had no accessibility to either game or their development.

Blizzard after that strolled back the SMS Protect need for existing Battle.internet accounts, while leaving it in position for brand-new accounts or ones that never ever were attached to the game with Battle.web.

SMS Protect is one device in a more comprehensive strategy Blizzard designers call “Defense Matrix,” which is meant “to help protect the integrity of gameplay and promote positive behavior in Overwatch 2.” The game is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows COMPUTER, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X.


Source: Polygon

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