Obsidian’s brand-new RPG Pentiment would not have actually been feasible without Game Pass, supervisor claims

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Obsidian’s brand-new and also well-known RPG Pentiment would not have actually been feasible without Game Pass, supervisor Josh Sawyer has actually claimed.

Speaking on the Waypoint Radio (opens up in brand-new tab) podcast (many thanks, PC Gamer (opens up in brand-new tab)), Sawyer clarified that he would not have “bothered” also pitching Pentiment in a globe where Game Pass does not exist. 

“I never would have proposed making Pentiment without Game Pass,” Sawyer claimed. “Like, I literally just wouldn’t have done it. I just don’t think it would have been possible.”

The narrative-focused RPG isn’t a traditional game whatsoever, much less so in regard to Obsidian’s prior body of job, and also Sawyer really felt that a conventional developer-publisher version would not have actually sustained his vision.

“In a traditional model, I just don’t think I would have even bothered because no one’s going to pick that up. Even if my boss were supportive of it, it would have been so incredibly difficult to get a publisher to pick it up. And that’s why this specific environment is the only way in which I really conceive of it being viable.”

Sawyer took place to claim that Xbox Game Studios was “very supportive” of Pentiment specifically due to the fact that it’s a specific niche title with “a high appeal to a very enthusiastic audience.” He additionally claimed “the process is quite different from the old publisher model” which “so far, it’s been different in a positive way.”

I’ve constantly enjoyed exactly how Game Pass manages me the possibility to take a look at games I or else would not have, and also I value it much more recognizing a cool little game like Pentiment likely would not exist without it. Our Pentiment review enjoyed its durable and also significant discussion options and also abundant historic information while noting its sometimes slow-moving speed.

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