Nintendo Switch Lite: a new color for the console, it’s planned for May

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Nintendo Switch Lite: a new color for the console, it's planned for May

From May 7, European players will have the opportunity to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite Blue. This is indeed what the Kyoto firm announces in an official press release, where it is specified that the new color will not arrive before May 21 in the United States and Japan. In France, if the Japanese manufacturer never communicates on its prices, across the Atlantic, the recommended retail price for this Nintendo Switch Lite Blue is $ 199.99. There is therefore a good chance that the machine will be sold for € 199.99 with us, just like the other colors already available elsewhere – Turquoise, Yellow, Coral, Gray.

Note that it is also on May 21 that Miitopia will arrive which, as we recall, was first released in 2017 on 3DS.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

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