Nintendo Switch game transforms a roll of toilet tissue right into your controller

My bro-tastic preferences in video games suggests I haven’t, in 15 years blogging about this things, done the article where I crave a Japan-just launch ahead west. That adjustments today with No Paper!, the game that transforms a roll of john paper right into a Nintendo Switch controller. It launched yesterday in Japan.

When Mike McWhertor initially stated this game to me, I believed it was mosting likely to be some sort of Nintendo Labo (whatever happened to that?) hack. Nope, although to play No Paper! you will certainly require a huge item of cardboard as well as a slightly-to-unused roll of Quilted Northern, marketed individually. With that, as well as the movement sensing units in a Joy-Con controller, you can play what resembles an instead requiring puzzle-platformer.

Are you laughing like a kindergartener yet? Wait’ll you see this trailer:

That’s right, the objective is to obtain a roll of asspaper to a person resting on the ’setting without one. The Google-equated Nintendo item web page states [slightly edited for clarity]: “There is a man who is in trouble because he has no toilet paper! You start from the ceiling of the bathroom and work your way to the man. However, various traps await along the way!”

You’d believe that examining the toilet-paper owner would certainly be a concern if there are sawblades, trapdoors, as well as various other risks in between you as well as the Charmin. This man needs to have remained in a genuine rush. The downloadable game, by Takuhiro Miyazawa, is readily available on the Nintendo eShop for ¥600 (possibly $5 if it comes below, like it needs to).


Source: Polygon

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