Nintendo Fans Join Terry Crews To Support Mother 3 Release

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Nintendo fans want Mother 3 here in North America and Europe, and they got some help from Terry Crews in their struggle. For what seems like two decades at this point, people have been begging the company to localize the title. The brand has met them with either complete indifference or outright contempt in the form of cute references without any assurances. Well, the actor added some heat to the fire on Friday when he posted about the issue and called his followers to arms as well. Crews has taken a much more pronounced interest in streaming during the pandemic. As such, he has had numerous followers introduce him to titles and series, so it only makes sense that Earthbound would come up at some point. It’s been bubbling in the back of people’s minds since 2006 when Nintendo released the title on the Game Boy Advance in Japan. With the Switch out and dominating the previous generation of consoles, it would seem like a perfect time for release.

Do you think we’ll ever see Nintendo release Mother 3? Let us know down in the comments! Check out the responses down below:

A good primer for why he digs it so much

So wild to see

This is a fact

What a time

Heavily agree

Same here

Give the people what they want

Let’s go!


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