Nier: Automata’s mystical church disclosed to be job of modders

9S stares at a glowing flower, and a giant hand reaches down to touch it, in a modded area from Nier: Automata

Image: sadfutago on Reddit/Square Enix

The secret of Nier: Automata’s hidden church has actually been resolved. Or instead, individuals behind it have actually fessed up to producing the mod that made it feasible– and also to trolling the neighborhood with a monthlong disclose of their job.

On Thursday, the Reddit account sadfutago, which initially uploaded regarding the obscure church in very early June and also launched numerous video clips that formerly hidden web content, uploaded a series of new images from the church location with puzzling messages. Those messages ultimately led to a Twitch account that streamed even more footage of the church, a brand-new employer fight, and also an additional totally different location. Viewers were frustrated– yet some had actually figured what was occurring by this factor.

At completion of a playthrough of Nier: Automata‘s church location, individuals behind it disclosed themselves and also the modding job they would certainly done to make it feasible. Three modders, passing the names DevolasRevenge, Woeful_Wolf, and also RaiderB, clarified what they had actually achieved: They modded Nier: Automata in a manner that couple of assumed feasible, and also produced something so meticulously made that numerous assumed PlatinumGames or Square Enix themselves were liable.

“Everything we have shared has been completely in-game,” the team claimed, “no editing was used. We have been loving all the discussions and theories — it has been an amazing journey. It has been inspiring to see the community come together after so many years, it has made all the hard work well worth it.”

Modder DevolasRevenge, attributed with making the brand-new map, said thanks to customers and also followers for coming for the flight. “Whether you expected this outcome or not, I hope you enjoyed the impact,” they claimed. “It was never meant to blow up this big, but just to confuse a few people on Twitter lol.”

The team of modders excused deceptive Nier followers, claiming the sham was implied to deceive them right into assuming that the church was either reduced web content or some heretofore obscure trick, not some expansive alternating truth game (ARG) or advertising and marketing feat. The team likewise claimed they “weren’t trying to impersonate Yoko Taro” and also additional excused what they called an “anticlimactic ending.”

The great information for Nier: Automata followers that intend to see the church themselves (and also see even more Nier mods) is that the group claims they’ll be launching the 3D modeling attachments for Blender and also scripting devices they made use of to the general public. “Keep an eye out for more…” they claimed.

Nier: Automata followers that had actually been staying on par with the legend were both thrilled and also crestfallen by the disclose. Many had actually thought that this was the job of Nier manufacturer Yoko Taro and also his group, and also thought the church was project that would inevitably repay with either a brand-new Nier game, a Drakengard remake (as a result of some properties brought over from Drakengard 3 right into Nier: Automata), or something much more incredible. In completion, the disclose went over, simply not what they wished for.


Source: Polygon


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