News: Just Cause 3 update ‘significantly improves load times’

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Just Cause 3 screenshot

Just Cause 3 screenshot

Square Enix has released a new title update for the PS4 version of Just Cause 3 that aims to significantly reduce load times.

The patch rolled out across Europe earlier today, with an Xbox One release due later in the week. It comes to PC this Friday.

Alongside the improved load times, the 132mb patch also features “general stability fixes”, optimises online stats and fixes an issue that could cause vehicles to disappear when starting a challenge.

The PC patch will also fix an issue that could cause the screen to resize and close before the game has fully started.

Just Cause 3 was criticised for its lengthy load times following its release earlier this month, particularly the Xbox One version, which was said to suffer from up to 15 minute-long load times.

“Since launch, we’ve been pouring through your reviews and comments to help us prioritise our fixes accordingly,” read an update on the game’s website. “We know many of you have been patiently awaiting today’s patch, and this update is part of a much larger plan to optimize and improve the game. Thanks for your patience here.”

Square Enix says to expect more info on future patches “soon”.