Need For Speed Heat ditches any type of loot containers

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NFSd: Heat gained’t be doling out automobile components by means of slot machines.

There are just a few givens if you decide up a Need For Speed game. Fast automobiles? Naturally. Pumping membership music? Sure. Utterly daft perspective? Absolutely.

One factor Heat isn’t carrying over from its predecessor is casino-style car-part acquisition. Previous entry Payback was a bit rubbish, largely as a result of automobile components and upgrades had been doled out by means of slots and loot containers.

During a Q&A over on the Need For Speed subreddit, EA Community Manager Ben “F8RGE” Walke allayed fears that Heat can be as infuriatingly random as Payback.

“There are no loot boxes in NFS Heat, and there won’t be” Walke confirmed. That’s not a semantics play, both – no loot crates, no “surprise mechanics”, nothing.

Instead, count on a extra conventional DLC mannequin. Walke claimed Heat will promote automobile packs as time goes on, and finally drop a “time-save” pack that reveals all collectables on the map.

Out of all of the high-profile publishers, EA in all probability depends on “surprise mechanics” probably the most. The writer has been notably defensive of its FIFA Ultimate Team packs, and the much less mentioned about Star Wars Battlefront 2, the higher.

As authorities across the globe shut in on loot containers, may EA have been spooked into dropping them in Heat?