NBA 2K23’s hotdog hat mission has gamers steamed

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NBA 2K23 hot dog hat
(Image credit history: Dullah/ 2K Games)

NBA 2K23 gamers are currently expanding distressed with this year’s MyCareer setting, both for its sluggish Virtual Currency work as well as unusual missions that have extremely little to do with playing basketball.

One specific factor of opinion has actually been a mission early in MyCareer setting which sees your produced personality trying to win the hearts as well as minds of individuals of the city. In enhancement to, you recognize, winning basketball games as well as coming to be a celebrity, you likewise require to finish missions to elevate your standing in the city’s different areas.

In a peculiar, six-minute lengthy cutscene, you’re informed to begin this initiative by assisting a streetside hotdog supplier calledCarl Carl desires you to lose consciousness hotdog fliers while using a hotdog hat to advertise his vegan hotdog cart. (His daddy was a hotdog supplier, also, yet they befalled over the concept of vegan pets, unfortunately.)

From there, you need to … Well, I most likely do not need to maintain running this down. You can see it all on your own in the video clip listed below, as well as the cutscenes are equally as strange as well as winding as the summary as much as this factor has actually been.

The mission is eventually quite short, as well as you could take pleasure in these little bits if you’re right into surrealist funny, yet it’s all a bit much for gamers simply below to take pleasure in a profession setting in the current NBA game, particularly because these missions are required to remain to play the setting.

The hotdog hat mission has become something (opens up in brand-new tab) of a rallying point (opens up in brand-new tab) for broader criticisms (opens up in brand-new tab) of this year’s MyCareer, which gamers are locating to be an also larger work than in years past. Since missions hand out much less VC than they made use of to, they’ve ended up being an ever-more-frustrating (opens up in brand-new tab) quiting factor for gamers that simply intend to proceed with the activity.

If you’re seeking to have fun with your pals, bear in mind that NBA 2K23 has cross-platform progression, but it does not have crossplay.




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