Naruto in Fortnite: a cross-over that breaks attendance records

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Naruto in Fortnite: a cross-over that breaks attendance records

The arrival of the Naruto license in Fortnite had been teased for a few days on social networks, but the publication of the trailer was an unparalleled success. With 2.4 million views in just a few hours, the Konoha ninja is by far the most adept character in the Fortnite universe. There had already been warning signs with a record of likes obtained in a few hours (260,000) and an important wait for the broadcast of the first trailer. It will therefore have taken a few hours to break the records, which proves how the popularity of Naruto is no longer really to be demonstrated. While many Naruto fans cry out heresy, others welcome such a partnership and the trailer freshly posted that he won’t be the only character available. Indeed, the rest of Team 7 is indeed present with dedicated skins since we can play as Sasuke, Sakura and even Kakashi. All of these characters are accompanied by their items and circumstantial emotes. Here are the details :

Naruto Uzumaki (with 7th Hokage alternate style): “I will surpass all Hokage!”

Sasuke Uchiwa (with the Sword of Kusanagi pickaxe): “Darkness is my only goal.”

Sakura Haruno (with the alternative Sakura Uchiwa style): “I am here too! I will become strong by your side!”

Kakashi Hatake (with the alternative Kakashi style of Special Services): “I will protect you at all costs, even at the risk of my life.”

Pakkun: the little dog-dog with his Kakashi.
Shuriken Fûma: a shuriken with formidable curved blades.
Konoha’s coat: a warm coat for going on a mission.
Roller: contains techniques.

Fortnite Naruto Back Blings


Special Services Sword: A sword used by Special Services.
Kunai (with the alternative Noir style): a sharp weapon that ninjas love.
Kusanagi Sword: Sasuke’s sword of choice.
Hidan’s Scythe: The perfect scythe for curse rituals.

Glider Kurama: A nine-tailed beast that has been sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki (comes with the Union of Ninjas loading screen).

Summoning Technique Emote: Don’t forget to sign a contract.

Ramen Break Emote: Even ninjas deserve a little snack.


Naruto and Kakashi Pack: Includes Naruto Uzumaki Outfit (with 7th Hokage Alternate Style), Roller Back Attachment, Kakashi Hatake Outfit (with Special Services Kakashi Alternate Style), Pakkun Back Attachment, and Tech Loading Screen. eating pizza.

Sasuke and Sakura Pack: Includes Sasuke Uchiwa Outfit, Shuriken Fûma Back Accessory, Kusanagi Sword Pickaxe, Sakura Haruno (with alternate Sakura Uchiha style), Konoha Coat back accessory, and Team 7 loading screen

Ninja Gear Pack: Includes Ramen Pause emote, Summoning Technique emote, Kunai pickaxe, Special Services Sword pickaxe, and Scythe pickaxe of cookies



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