Mid-Year Discounts for PS4 and PS5 Owners

If we continue sales themethen you should definitely mention that the PlayStation Store also offers a lot of games with good discounts until Tuesday, June 28th.

Recall that RDR 2, as well as the first part and the zombie addition to it available to subscribers of the updated PS Plus (the other day it launched all over the world), but only the next few months. According to the players, Red Dead Redemption and RDR: Undead Nightmare are the only PS3 titles in the subscription that have time limits. Against this backdrop, talk of a remaster/remake is back.

As for those old-timers who continue to use PS3, there have been no discounts there for at least a year. Digital store on pastgen planned to closebut then changed their mind. Games continue to be sold, but you can forget about sales.


Source: gta.com.ua