Metal Gear Solid Snake star exposes exactly how they wound up doing a Ford advert in personality

Metal Gear Solid Ford Focus SE advert
(Image credit scores: Ford / Konami)

Snake’s voice star has actually disclosed the tale behind that Metal Gear Solid-motivated Ford Focus SE advert. 

Back in 2016, David Hayter (that has actually played Solid Snake because 1998) dealt with Ford to promote the business’s brand-new automobile, the Ford Focus SE. The advert functions Snake talking with Colonel Campbell regarding the automobile and also its amazing functions. Now, 6 years later on, the advert has actually reemerged online and also we currently have extra context on exactly how it transpired. 

Thanks to a tweet from retro video gaming website Time Extention, we have actually not just been advised of the advert however likewise obtained some important details from Solid Snake himself. Replying to Time Extention’s tweet, David Hayter described: “Here’s the story, I did a commercial for Ford as a [voice-over] actor, and the Producers were big Snake fans.” 

The tale proceeds: “So they said, ‘hey, if we got permission from Konami to use Snake in an ad, would you do it?’ ‘Sure.’ I said, certain it would never happen,” Hayter discusses, “then it did. Then I was stuck.” Hayter isn’t the just one to bear in mind this commentary work either, as the authorities Ford account responded to the star with a simple: “A timeless briefing from Colonel Campbell!” 

Hayter isn’t alone when it concerns recollecting around Metal Gear Solid recently. A number of weeks ago none aside from Hideo Kojima looked back on Metal Gear Solid 3’s development exposing that the occasions of 9/11 changed the game’s close get in touch with strategies, which a mocap star inadvertently lost whilst recording among the games legendary battle scenes. 

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