Meet the GTA modder that’s invested 18 years transforming San Andreas right into Mad Max 2

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That dedication took its very first innovative actions at the end of 2004, when Deneau crafted the mod’s very first designs utilizing his trainee duplicate of 3D Studio Max – the bike of Lord Humungus’ Marauders lieutenant Wez, a customized Kawasaki KZ 900; and also the ‘Red XA Bat’, a customized angle on the 1972 Ford Falcon XA Coupe – with precise information. From there, loads of factors contributed with their very own preferred layouts drew from the post-apocalypse, which were periodically trialed for capability in 2002’s Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ indirect leader. 

Between 2004 and also 2008, Deneau and also a nucleus of volunteers functioned gradually on the Road Warrior mod, exchanging suggestions and also uploading numerous updates throughout GTA Forums and also Facebook daily. GTA Forums individuals such as C.J., 92F, Bigfoot 2003 also known as Carface, Loman, and also Choofa were amongst one of the most respected factors to the mod, and also while the job had not been without its periodic critics – primarily amongst gamers that really did not see the charm of incorporating Mad Max 2 with San Andreas – most of commenters at the time showed up thrilled by the progression and also guarantee of the task. Vice City’s ‘All Golf Course’ mod confirmed what was feasible on computer, in regards to extending solitary areas over whole sandboxes, and also for that reason the concept of broadening San Andreas’ Las Venturas desert to cover the game’s complete map appeared excellent for something Road Warrior-influenced.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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“Fast forward to today, with that labor total now over 18 years, and Deneau remains undeterred and more focused on bringing Mad Max 2 to San Andreas than ever before.”

The motion picture launch of Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, and also Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max video clip game throughout the exact same year, created restored buzz for the post-apocalyptic collection, which subsequently saw restored rate of interest in Deneau’s Road Warrior mod. But by 2016, with that said flurry of exterior intrigue having apparently wound down, and also with his bro having actually been identified with Hodgkin Lymphoma, Deneau openly surrendered – on both his enduring in-progress Road Warrior mod, and also modding completely. Two years later on, and also not just was Deneau’s bro in long-lasting remission, yet Deneau himself was back including in the directory of numerous Mad Max automobile, tool and also personality designs that, now, were the outcome of 14 years’ well worth of job. 

Fast ahead to today, with that said labor overall currently over 18 years, and also Deneau continues to be undeterred and also extra concentrated on bringing Mad Max 2 to San Andreas than in the past. The charm of doing so for Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto access, 2013’s GTA 5, is indisputable and also definitely extra simple, yet Deneau is figured out to complete what he began all those years earlier. He states: “We still get people asking for more, especially on our Facebook page. I just love the world of Mad Max, and I’ve loved Grand Theft Auto since GTA 3. We’ve released loads of stuff over the years, but the dream would be to get a full team interested again, who can help with textures and rigging, creating maps and designing character models. I’d love to collaborate with someone on a destroyed Sydney Opera House, a decimated Sydney Harbor, and, of course, a Citadel or Namibia map.”

If the GTA Road Warrior task seems fascinating, you can review its 18-year trip on GTA Forums (opens up in brand-new tab), where its developer Aaron Deneau, also known as T-808, is constantly available to an assisting hand. Deneau’s ArtStation (opens up in brand-new tab) web page additionally lives through that web link, while his designs past and also existing have actually included on the Mad Max Bible (opens up in brand-new tab) YouTube network. 

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