Mass Effect Andromeda information: First Murderer secondary quest – exile or launch?

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Mass Effect Andromeda presents you with a troublesome alternative within the First Murderer secondary quest. Spoilers for alternative penalties.


First Murderer is a secondary quest discovered early in Mass Effect Andromeda, simply after you first arrive on the Nexus.

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To set off First Murderer, discover the Operations space till you discover the militia command part, the place Kandros hangs out. Look for a weeping Turian girl named Mariette to kick issues off.

Once you agree to assist out, cross to the opposite aspect of this space to talk to a jail guard for permission to talk with Nilken, the accused. Mine him for data.

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Your subsequent port of name is Kandros, who will agree to offer you entry to information pertaining to the investigation. Optionally, entry the marked terminal to view this data.

Head as much as the world of Operations previous the tram station and climb up the steps to the raised dais, the place you’ll find the witness, Shaw.

Now it’s time to have a chat with Tann and persuade him to re-open the case. He’ll provide the co-ordinates it is advisable to proceed the seek for the reality.

Investigating the crime

Return to the Tempest after which to Eos. Travel to ahead station close to Resilience for best entry to the crime scene.

Your waypoint will information you to the overall location of items of armour. Once you’re shut by, you might be able to see them protruding of the sand. In both case, exit the Nomad when you get shut and use your scanner on the article.

Repeat this course of a number of instances and SAM will information you to a cave stuffed with kaekyrn. Put them down then search the cave for the omni-tool; it’s best to se by going all the way in which in, then turning round to look out, because the lighting is a bit buggy. With that achieved, you’ll be able to depart Eos.

Back on the Nexus, return to Operations and communicate to Nilken in his cell. It doesn’t matter what you say to him.

Speak with Tann: exile or launch?

Spoilers for alternative penalties. Your last goal for this mission is to debate the case with Tann and resolve on Nilken’s destiny. There aren’t any vital gameplay or story penalties to this alternative, however you are feeling anxious about it – we perceive. Let’s lay it out:

Here are your decisions and the results:

  • Release Nilken. You can optionally communicate to Mariette once more, and inform her the reality of the case. If you do, you’ll discover a depressing Nilken within the Cryobay asking to be put again in stasis.
  • Exile Nilken. You can chat with Kandros concerning the matter, and stumble upon Nilken on Kadara later within the recreation.

In both case, your choice sends chockwaves by means of the Nexus commun- nah, we’re simply kidding. It is rarely talked about once more and no person provides a single toss. Oh, Mass Effect Andromeda!