Marvel’s Avengers: MCU costumes will be … paid

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Marvel's Avengers: MCU costumes will be ... paid

A few days ago, we learned that Marvel’s Avengers would most certainly offer outfits from the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe for its superheroes: an excellent way to attract customers to a game undergoing a metamorphosis to cushion its somewhat chaotic launch. Unfortunately, all is not as rosy as some would like it since if the official Twitter account confirms the arrival of these crispy skins, it also specifies that they will be accessible only via the Market Place.

In other words: it will therefore be necessary to buy virtual currency – for real money, obviously – to get it. Enough to cringe, especially since as we pointed out during our test last September, paid outfits are offered at exorbitant prices (around fifteen euros at the lowest). We will still wait to know the official price to decide. See you in the spring to get to the bottom of it with the first images.

By the way, remember that expansion with Black Panther has just been formalized and should land (for free, this time) this summer at the earliest.


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