Love Note from GCU Today at 15:40 OPla G622

We may be dissatisfied with the policies of the rights holders, the treatment of old franchises, and criticize the modern GTA, but that never negates the fact that all our activities and the site as a whole are an expression of our immense love for Rockstar Games, its divisions, and their creations. It is this love that we decided to share with the creators of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and other games we adore by sending love letters to the offices in New York and Edinburgh in honor of our “full adulthood” — today turns 21 years old!

GCU declares love to the GTA developers.

It’s not that we expect reciprocation from the ‘rock stars’ (we’re perfectly fine with the friend zone), but sometimes it’s beneficial to express your feelings, isn’t it?