Lost Ark gamers having a hard time to recover a month of lost raid development call payment use a “joke”

Lost Ark
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Smilegate and Amazon Games have actually repaired a Lost Ark reset bug that has actually been keeping gamers from making raid benefits given that late December, though the payment bundle has actually been identified a “joke (opens in new tab)”, unacceptable (opens in brand-new tab)”, and a “slap in the face.” 

Over the weekend, a neighborhood supervisor required to the online forums to expose how gamers impacted by a reset bug would be made up for all the loot they’ve missed out on from different raids. You’ve got Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Tickets, Una’s Tasks, and more. What’s triggering a stir, however, is what follows.

“In addition to these items, due to how this issue had different impacts on each player, we will be investigating each account individually and sending reset tickets based on individual circumstances and missed content,” the message reads (opens in brand-new tab)

“Because these tickets only last seven days and we do not want players to feel pressured to use all tickets within a one-week period, players who are eligible for multiple tickets will receive one weekly reset ticket each maintenance period over the coming weeks.”

Essentially, gamers aren’t being offered the products they lost on, however rather the ways to gradually grind for them over the coming weeks. It’s a discomfort for Lost Ark fans with 2 approximately characters, though it builds up if you have 5 on the go.

You can see the response (opens in brand-new tab) for yourself (opens in brand-new tab), though they broadly follow a comparable style, with gamers dissatisfied about the additional hectic work that’s been thrust upon them. At the time of composing, Amazon Games and Smilegate have yet to respond to the protest.

Elsewhere in the MMO neighborhood, RuneScape fans were left stunned as one gamer moneyed in 8 years of grinding to set an untouchable record in simply one minute.


Source: gamesradar.com

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