Litwick is ultimately obtaining a Pok émon Go Community Day

Litwick, a small candle Pokémon  with a purple flame, stands in the dark forest through the AR of a phone with the Pokémon Go Community Day logos on it

Image: Niantic

Pokémon Go‘s October Community Day will certainly include none besides Litwick, the candle light fire-and ghost-type Pok émon.

On Oct 15 from 2-5 p.m. in your neighborhood time, Litwick will certainly generate in big numbers as well as you’ll have the ability to get hold of a Shiny Litwick conveniently. The Shiny, which sporting activities an blue fire instead of a purple one, is rather actually the excellent Halloween Pok émon because of the lovely orange Shiny it obtains when totally progressed.

Shiny Litwick Lampent and Chandelure with their regular forms. The normal forms all have purple flames and golden eyes, but Shiny Litwick has a blue flame with blue eyes, Shiny Lampent has a magenta flame with blue eyes, and Shiny Chandelure has orange flames and orange eyes.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon|Source pictures: Niantic

During the occasion, XP from capturing Pok émon will certainly be tripled as well as sweet from capturing Pok émon will certainly be increased. The annual Pok émon Go Halloween occasion likewise generally increases catch sweet (as it should, for Halloween), however we’re not sure if the occasion will certainly overlap with the Community Day or if the possible sweet incentive will certainly pile.

In enhancement to this, developing your Lampent (Litwick’s advancement) right into a Chandelure from 2-10 p.m. in your neighborhood time will certainly show it the billed strike “Poltergeist.” It’s a little very early to determine whether this relocation will certainly be meta-defining, however Chandelure is currently a really effective Pok émon in both its ghost- as well as fire-typings, so you need to absolutely intend on stockpiling no matter.

Lampent needs an Unova Stone to advance right into Chandelure, so you need to attempt to conserve any kind of you have till the occasion. In the past, Niantic has actually included brief study jobs that compensate them so you do not obtain stuck not able to advance your pest, though we can not validate whether the game will certainly have one for Litwick Community Day.

Pok émon Go gamers have actually been waiting on this charming candle light Pok émon to obtain its limelight, as it fits the standard standards of a Community Day animal: it progresses two times as well as is effective.


Source: Polygon


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