League of Legends maker Riot Games is engaged on a combating game

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Riot Games has lastly confirmed it’s certainly engaged on a combating game.

Back in 2016, League of Legends developer Riot Games acquired Radiant Entertainment, the developer of the promising Rising Thunder. The game was pitched as an accessible combating game, created by an Evo co-founders.

Rising Thunder by no means made it to launch, and was cancelled shortly after Riot acquired Radiant. Everyone assumed this could result in a Riot-made combating game, maybe one which makes use of League of Legends’ huge roster.

Well, at Evo 2019, the developer confirmed no less than one in all these rumours. Tom Cannon, Evo and Radian co-founder introduced on stage that Radiant is certainly engaged on a combating game for Riot, calling it “the worst-kept secret in the universe.”

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“Back in 2016 when we joined forces with Riot, I said that we would go in the hole for a while,” stated Cannon. “The reason why we did Rising Thunder in the first place, is that we felt like fighting games deserve to be enjoyed by way more people.”

Cannon added that the game remains to be a methods off, so don’t count on launch dates anytime quickly. Progress, nonetheless, is being made, and it’s far sufficient into it that he’s now comfy making it official.