Latest patch for Alan Wake 2 addresses progress-blocking bugs and eliminates Alex Casey’s ‘t-posing’ issue

Alan Wake 2
(Image credit score: Remedy)

A brand-new Alan Wake 2 spot features greater than 100 solutions, several of which address significant progress-blocking insects. In one situation, Remedy states the Coffee World location from a very early phase of the game is merely “more fun” currently.

While without a doubt well-known and a dark steed competitor for GOTY 2023, Alan Wake 2 has actually had its share of technological problems on all systems given that launch. Remedy has actually been hard at the workplace releasing patches, however records from gamers encountering insects varying from silly to game-breaking stick around.

The newest Alan Wake 2 spot, launched Thursday, presents an additional shopping list of solutions, and while a great deal of them are for ridiculous things like “Alex Casey t-posing menacingly”, a lot of them are created to attend to several of those abovementioned significant insects.

In the complete patch notes, Remedy states “the critical issues blocking progress in the Scratch (A New Plan) mission and misbehaving in the Espresso Express in Local Girl (Coffee World) have been resolved.”

As well as worldwide solutions encouraging “general bugfixes and additional polish,” together with solutions for “multiple localization issues,” the brand-new spot has some platform-specific solutions also. On Xbox, gamers can anticipate much less of a concern with audio removing or missing out on completely. PS5 gamers must additionally have less audio problems and accidents connected to the Share Play function.

Some highlights from the mission-specific checklist of solutions consist of:

  • “Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to Casey after the autopsy and thus being blocked from progressing in the mission.”
  • “Made Coffee World more fun. Fixed an issue where cups from Slow Roaster were not showing and where carriages from Espresso Express blocked player progress.”
  • “Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to FBC agent Estevez and come up with a New Plan to progress the mission.”
  • “Saga should not end up in Dark Place after the point of no return.”
  • “Fixed an issue where players could get their progress blocked if changing to another case.”

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