Konami will not do it, so followers reprise one of the most notorious Castlevania

Castlevania Chronicles 2
(Image credit report: Konami/ WarMachine)

A fanmade remake of Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest is providing an entire brand-new means to play one of the most notorious entrance in Konami’s timeless vampire-hunting collection.

Back in 1995, Konami launched Castlevania Chronicles on PS1, which reprise and also remixed the initial Castlevania for then-modern criteria. Now, in 2023, the follower workshop WarMachine has actually launched Castlevania Chronicles 2: Simon’s Quest, which takes the exact same strategy for the disruptive NES follow up.

This remake takes the bones of Simon’s Quest to craft an entire brand-newgame You still discover a flexible overworld, obtain tips from NPCs, and also discover dungeon-style estates to obtain crucial things. But the globe has actually been remixed, the estates have actually been entirely spruced up, and also the old money system has actually been entirely spruced up.

The initial Castlevania 2 is rather notorious nowadays for its obtuse challenges and also puzzling NPCs that would sometimes straight-up lie to you regarding what to do following. The people behind the remake note that currently “NPCs actually provide useful information that helps you out,” which alone makes it a significant enhancement over the initial.

Castlevania Chronicles 2 is offered for download as a raw exe documents via the description of the YouTube video (opens up in brand-new tab) over so, you recognize, mount it at your very own danger. For the document, I’ve played it for a couple of mins and also my computer has not end up being a malware ravaged hellscape. The game really feels fantastic because rigid, retro Castlevania means, and also while I have not had adequate time with it to state exactly how it stands up for the long run, I’m anxious to play much more.

We’re getting Silent Hill remakes, yet what I actually desire is a correct Castlevania resurgence. Come on, Konami, there’s obtained ta be some brand-new followers off the rear of that Netflix collection, right?

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