It appears to be like like CD Projekt Red is attempting to get Keanu Reeves to do a bunch of music for Cyberpunk 2077

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One of the largest surprises of E3 was the looks of John Wick star Keanu Reeves on-stage at the Xbox conference. Reeves is taking part in Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, a digital ghost that haunts the participant character.

Before he turned this binary mind worm, nevertheless, Silverhand was one of the crucial well-known rockerboys within the Cyberpunk mythos – a futuristic celebrity. CD Projekt says music is an enormous a part of the game and also you’ll be capable of mess about with totally different radio stations as you drive across the metropolis. Does that imply Reeves can be on vocals for a few of the tracks, then?

“That’s one of the things that I cannot talk about,” lead quest designer Pawel Sasko informed me. “I cannot confirm or deny. Actually the song that you have heard when Keanu walked on the stage, the tune that was playing, the heavy one, that’s part of it, because that’s the music of Johnny Silverhand and that was his voice, what you heard there. But we cannot talk about it yet.”

The music performed on the stage was meant to be Johnny Silverhand, but it surely was really “Chippin’ In”, created in collaboration with REFUSED. Whether will probably be REFUSED doing all of the music or Keanu will play an element appears to be up within the air presently. We do know that Reeves’ dialogue is second solely to the participant, and it took 15 days to record it all.

“But going back to the stations, because in the game we have music score that is like score for a game, so because you solve the quest, it has its own score and so on. But you have also a playlist, or the radio stations with lots of different types of music, that you’ll be able to switch to, and you can listen to the music being on bike or being on motorcycle or in the car. And you can switch them on the fly.”

Some of the music stations are solely music-focused whereas some are information channels that discuss alternatives on this planet, faction conflicts, and, in fact, your exploits.

“As a player you can basically switch freely between those and just pick music you want to have, so just play the way you want,” Sasko defined. “We are trying to make it always like it’s freedom for the player. You pick the way you play, you build the character you want, you pick the choices you want, you pick the branches you want, and then you listen to the music you want when you drive the car you want. It’s that thing, it’s my view, my story.”

Cyberpunk 2077 releases April 16, 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 will feature multiple endings, and also you’ll be capable of see the total prolonged E3 demo at PAX West. The whole game could be finished without killing anyone.