In four months, Hellblade 2 will be officially released

Hellblade 2
(Image credit: Xbox)

Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga is officially set to launch on May 21, 2024, as developer Ninja Theory has finally confirmed during the latest official Xbox developer presentation.

During Xbox Developer Direct 2024, developer Ninja Theory confirmed that the game is in the final months of development while running down some details of the long-awaited sequel’s story. The devs are aiming for historical accuracy to a point, though obviously the game’s fantastical elements will remain intact.

Ninja Theory has also put a big focus on revamping combat this time around, ensuring that it’ll be a brutal experience that ties deeply into the story. The aim is to make sure that every encounter feels like a brutal experience you’ve just barely scraped by in.

Senua’s psychosis remains a major part of the game, and the devs have once again put a big emphasis on audio design to deliver on that idea. The studio hopes that players will find the story meaningful, and if it’s anything like the first game, no doubt a whole lot of players will find something to connect to.

It’s been a hot minute since Hellblade 2 last reared its gloriously gruesome head. Back in June, we caught a glimpse of Ninja Theory’s highly impressive mocap glow-up – which it’s of course using to make Hellblade 2’s characters all the more realistic looking – but aside from that, the studio’s remained relatively mum about the sequel in recent months.

Hellblade 2 is just one of many upcoming Xbox Series X games to keep on your radar.



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