“I never tried to hide or wipe any evidence”, knowledgeable witness testimony “ridiculous”: John Carmack responds to Zenimax

Oculus CTO John Carmack has fired again after Zenimax detailed the previous Id Software boss’s alleged misconduct.


In the wake of the Zenimax vs Oculus verdict awarding Zenimax $500 million in damages, Zenimax got here out weapons blazing.

In a prolonged assertion, the Bethesda father or mother firm outlined the proof it offered in accusing Carmack of stealing data and attempting to cover his tracks. It was fairly brutal.

Now Carmack has replied in a public Facebook put up, giving his aspect of the story.

“I disagreed with their characterization, misdirection, and selective omissions. I never tried to hide or wipe any evidence, and all of my data is accounted for, contrary to some stories being spread,” Carmack mentioned.

That’s fairly straight ahead and to the purpose, however Carmack had an awesome deal extra to say concerning the go well with, taking goal at Zenimax’s knowledgeable witness, who claimed to have proof that Oculus’s know-how included code “non-literally copied” from work Carmack had accomplished whereas at Id Software.

Carmack mentioned that is “just not true” and that he was “genuinely interested” in how the knowledgeable would attempt to show it. He then expressed disgust with the knowledgeable’s methodology and language, and even joked that maybe somebody was blackmailing the knowledgeable to present false testimony.

“The analogy that the expert gave to the jury was that if someone wrote a book that was basically Harry Potter with the names changed, it would still be copyright infringement. I agree; that is the literary equivalent of changing the variable names when you copy source code,” Carmack mentioned.

“However, if you abstract Harry Potter up a notch or two, you get Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, which also maps well onto Star Wars and hundreds of other stories. These are not copyright infringement.”

Carmack criticised the way in which the knowledgeable offered their proof, however mentioned that even framed in such a approach that no person might learn the code beneath scrutiny “you could tell the steps varied widely in operation count, were often split up and in different order, and just looked different”.

“It was ridiculous,” he mentioned.

Oculus’s knowledgeable examined and offered the identical code to argue that it wasn’t copied, which Carmack anticipated to “demolish” the Zenimax knowledgeable’s credibility – however as the decision proves, the jury wasn’t as impressed.

Carmack is pissed off that he hasn’t been capable of learn or share the knowledgeable’s full report, which is beneath seal.

“This is surely intentional – if the code examples were released publicly, the internet would have viciously mocked the analysis,” he mentioned.

The full assertion is effectively value a learn, as was Zenimax’s yesterday; pictures fired in all instructions. As with most authorized battles of this sort, we nonetheless seemingly have a number of appeals to go in the beginning is settled as soon as and for all.