I can not think Pikachu was so unsympathetic to Psyduck in the Pokemon anime

Psyduck looking stressed next to Misty
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In the most up to date episode of the Pokemon anime, Ash and also Pikachu are rejoined with Misty and also Psyduck, and also it’s bittersweet.

Carrying on with Ash and Pikachu’s final chapter in the Pokemon anime, in this week’s episode, both are rejoined with Misty and also her Pokemon Psyduck and alsoMarill In what need to have been a really heartfelt get-together, Psyduck methods Pikachu with its arms vast open, all set to accept its old close friend. Pikachu, nonetheless, has various other concepts and also totally disregards the pleasant motion, determining rather to jump right right into Misty’s arms.

We can not condemn Pikachu for being thrilled to seeMisty She is naturally, among program’s earliest buddies. However, we can not forgive him for leaving bad Psyduck hanging like that. To make points even worse, Psyduck does not rapidly conceal the awkward communication and also rather stands there with its arms outstretched awaiting Pikachu to alter his mind. It’s not all poor however, Psyduck is met compassion from among Ash’s various other Pokemon, Leavanny, that carefully pats the let down Psyduck on the head.

Pokemon followers had a comparable response to us when they saw this clip. Many stated that they are let down in Pikachu for being so discourteous, while others are equally as sad as we are. Some followers minimized the scenario however, making fun of just how harsh Pikachu was to the wacky water-typePokemon

If you have not been staying up to date with the Pokemon anime recently, right here’s what’s been taking place. It was revealed last month that Ash and also Pikachu will certainly quickly be leaving the Pokemon anime completely, after leading it for the previous 25 years. Ash & Pikachu’s last period, which is presently broadcasting in Japan, has actually been a psychological rollercoaster for long time followers with callbacks to old friends and also also a remastered version of the original Pokemon theme song consisted of in both’s last episodes.

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