How to ranch lots of EXP in Pok émon Scarlet and also Violet

A bunch of unsuspecting Chansey are hanging out in a flower field, unaware of what is about to happen to them

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Leveling in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet isn’t an issue throughout the major tale, yet if you’re attempting to power up your Pok émon for endgame Tera Raids, you’ll strike a wall surface at around degree 70.

The toughest instructors in the game that you can fight consistently array from degree 65-70, and also while you can completely spam battles versus them (see among our approaches listed below), you’ll desire a simple means to swiftly enhance your group’s EXP.

Below we detail a couple of EXP farming approaches that we made use of. There might be extra in the game, yet we located dependable success with the ones listed below.

Chansey searching

Head to the north component of Paldea, near the Fairy Team Star base and also eat a sandwich that has typical experience power (We made use of normal ol’ Ham Sandwiches, # 80.)

A trainer stands in a flower field, with tons of Chansey ahead of them

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon|Source photos: Game Freak/The Pok émon Company, Nintendo using Polygon

This sort of sandwich will certainly trigger lots of Chansey to generate in the area; the whole blossom area will certainly simply end up being flush withChansey Battle these Chansey and also enjoy in hundreds of EXP per battle. (If you’re fortunate, a Blissey or more may appear, which compensate also extra EXP.) Give a particular Pok émon a Lucky Egg for a lot more EXP.

Note that auto-battling the Chansey does not provide almost as much EXP, so you’ll wish to in fact fight them.

Tera Raids

Taking on Tera Raid fights compensate great deals of EXP Candy, with more challenging raids going down larger sweet dimensions. Just from signing up with arbitrary online raids, we had the ability to collect a lots of sweet to swiftly level up our Pok émon.

However, this isn’t a sure-fire strategy. If you do not have a group of solid Pok émon that use kind benefits and so forth, you will not stand a possibility in 5- and also six-star raids. (First guideline of raiding: Don’ t anticipate your various other on-line employee to bring you to success.)

Stick to the lower-leveled raids if you’re battling in the higher-leveled raids and also utilize the jackpots from those raids to power up your Pok émon up until they’re solid sufficient to take part in the higher-tier ones.

A victory screen showing the rewards for beating a six-star Dragapult Tera Raid

Image: Game Freak/The Pok émon Company, Nintendo using Polygon

Raiding will certainly additionally provide useful products to offer or utilize, like mints, Bottle Caps, and also (if you’re fortunate) Herba Mystica, making them among the most effective methods to collect both cash and also effective Pok émon.

The Academy Ace Tournament

This is simply a repeat of the great ol’ Elite Four technique from older games, where you ‘d consistently grind versus the Elite Four to collect a lots of EXP. (You can not do this in Scarlet and also Violet.) Give whatever Pok émon you are concentrating on leveling the Lucky Egg, and also remove the Academy Ace Tournament.

This will certainly additionally net you some cash, yet truthfully, the various other approaches over are much better for EXP farming.

This approach can be extra brainless, as if you have a couple of solid Pok émon that can move the whole event, you can ignore and also simply spam the A switch while you view a program or something to obtain that wonderful EXP.

You can obtain some great extra incentives from the Academy Ace Tournament, like Apricorn Balls or Bottle Caps, so if you’re searching for those and also EXP, this could be the most effective use your time.


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