Hitman 2’s new homing briefcase turns each game into It Follows

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Thanks to a peppering of bizarre bugs through the years, Hitman has seen a couple of iterations of the killer briefcase come and go. Hitman 2‘s briefcase bug, typically heralded within the type of lengthy GIFs, turns your commonplace hitman briefcase right into a homing missile that spins like a throwing star and bends gently round corners because it follows its prey.

Now, developer IO Interactive have introduced again the bug as an unlockable weapon, main to what’s – I feel – my favorite ever model of Killer Briefcase weaponry: Absurdly sluggish and tediously regular. Take a take care of the bounce.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear… from HiTMAN

Like the movie It Follows, the video posted by Reddit person D-ClassPersonnel depicts a villain hurtling slowly and eternally towards its goal. Unlike It Follows, it’s a two minute clip of a briefcase following a jogger however I feel it’s nonetheless the slowest but most tense chase I’ve ever been witness to. The weapon is so sluggish. The jogger is so sluggish. The homing briefcase twirls lazily like a ceiling fan, whirring by way of the air after its unassuming prey. The jogger, who simply outruns that leathery destiny for a pair minutes, is unfortunately outplayed ultimately as partitions imply nothing to killer briefcases – a lesson we must always all take severely.

IO Interactive group supervisor Travis Barbour introduced the briefcase comeback yesterday over Twitch. “We took a long time to patch it because we liked it, but we wanted to put that property in one particular briefcase rather than have all of them act weird. So we’re embracing the fun in a different way,” he mentioned throughout the monthly community stream.

The homing briefcase, also referred to as the ICA Executive Briefcase MKII, is at present obtainable for customers who’ve performed as much as Hitman 2’s last Isle of Sgàil map. The weapon is a reward for beating the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack which went stay yesterday.