Hideo Kojima is servicing a brand-new Xbox game

Hideo Kojima speaks on stage to present Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Photo: AFP through Getty Images

Hideo Kojima is servicing a brand-new job with Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft and also Kojima Productions revealed Sunday at the Xbox and alsoBethesda Games Showcase He’s following Microsoft is still something of an enigma. game and also

Kojima just revealed strategies to work together on a brand-new “completely new game”, however did not disclose a title or program gameplay of the job.Kojima defined the job as a “has always wanted to make.” And and also one that Kojima Productions himself game it seems like Microsoft’ brand-new Kojima will certainly make use of

Kojima’s cloud pc gaming innovation for … whatever Metal Gear intends to make.Konami is best understood for producing and also looking after the He franchise business while atKojima Productions Kojima Productions left that firm to develop his very own, most recent game is Death Stranding,, in 2015. That game’ Sony Interactive Entertainment the workshop’s 2019 launching title. Death Stranding was established as component of a collaboration with to Windows PC, and also was initially a PlayStation 4 unique. PlayStation 5 has actually because been ported

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