Here’s a take a look at the Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins, maps and extra

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The Overwatch Winter Wonderland occasion is stay, and we’ve posted a take a look at the skins and the wintry maps for you beneath.

Arekkz offers you the rundown on every little thing included within the occasion above, so be sure to give the video a watch. In it, he goes over the emotes, victory poses and the voice traces.

Below, let’s check out the skins and the maps which have seen snowfall. Well, Ecopoint Antarctica is all the time snowy, however the aurora australis – the southern hemisphere model of the aurora borealis – appears to be like to be somewhat vivid.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins

Lucio (Epic Skin)

McCree (Epic Skin)

overwatch_winter_wonderland (26)

Mei (Epic Skin)

Pharah (Epic Skin)

Reaper (Epic Skin)

Roadhog (Epic Skin)

overwatch_winter_wonderland (19)

Sombra (Epic Skin)

Torbjorn (Legendary Skin)

Tracer (Legendary Skin)

Winston (Legendary Skin)

Zarya (Epic Skin)


Zenyatta (Legendary Skin)

Group Shots, and many others.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Maps

King’s Row


Ecopoint Antarctica

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland occasion kicked off right this moment and runs via January 2. Along with the event going live, some bugs have been addressed with the replace, and the modifications to Symmetra have been utilized.

We’ll have extra on the replace ought to any further data turns into out there.